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The development of fresh air to the new bathroom sanitary ware sales situation is gratifying?? the recent renovation experience is being renovated or people visiting the market will find the new concept of bathroom products in the market of a superb collection of beautiful things more and more common, but the market response is good, the sales situation is also very gratifying. In an interview with reporters, many industry insiders have said that the new concept of sanitary ware development, the future trend of new bathroom gradually clear. At present, the concept of bathroom products, has far exceeded the traditional concept of the past. As a symbol of modern luxury life, it enters all aspects of people’s lives, that is, not only has health and cleaning functions, but also should include health care functions, appreciation and entertainment functions. In the use of functions, wash only sanitary products have appeared a spin type, silent type, oblique thrust type, straight type, siphon type, spray type etc.. ?? In the market, the reporter saw the sanitary ware products form appeared Siamese style, and basin series, Siamese style toilet, bidet, squatting, urinal, mop tub, column or table andwashbasin etc.. In recent years, sanitary ware has also introduced a series of ancillary products, such as leisure bathtub, cabinet basin, steam room, etc.. Therefore, the future, the bathroom market will show a variety of trends is self-evident. A good bathroom products, must be able to meet the modern lifestyle, can have more complete functions. In order to meet the use function, but also need to solve the water saving, energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, health, anti-aging, induction intelligence and many other functions, with a clear cycle and strong green consumption concept. This requires a new generation of products, must be able to make use of biological technology, electronic technology, sensor technology and other comprehensive high-tech achievements will be a variety of new features were combined, in order to improve the comprehensive function and physical quality of sanitary products, which is the new concept of bathroom products favored by reason. Reporter has learned that before the use of sanitary products, often do not pay attention to the tone of the deployment, and sometimes only emphasize the appearance of white jade. But the color of the cold makes many people feel uncomfortable. Now, it is generally recognized that the diversity of colors and shades. Sanitary enterprises should cooperate with each other using a variety of glazes, create a variety of popular new decorative color. ?? As the main product in the new bathroom in recent years, the emergence of new sanitary ware, pink, dark red, blue, blue, green, yellow, pumpkin bottle Dan Xinghuang, black color, tender bamboo decoration, it is favored by consumers.相关的主题文章: