Bath center boss encounter beauty introduced work ready to return to prostitution was

The boss met beauty bath ready to return to prostitution to introduce work caught Sichuan online news (reporter Liu Hongshun Xuan iron) adultury bath was investigated, dens boss Lee (a pseudonym) fled back home to hide, after the wind, he was ready to return to prostitution, the police arrested in Yingshan Railway Station. The train station and the 2 woman quarrel is iron police found at noon on September 13th, the Chengdu Railway Police Department Yingshan station police station is Yingshan Railway Station square patrol, found a man and two young woman quarrel and pull, so they approached persuasion. The man saw the police, looked very busy, hurriedly told the police three people, was supposed to take the train to go out to work, but the woman has changed his mind, he was excited for a while and then had an argument, let the police do not bother. The two women have completely denied the man’s statement, told the police do not know each other, is the other side has been entangled in their own. Given the two sides say different, the police will bring them back to the police duty room, ready for further investigation. On the way to the duty room, the man has been hung up, looked around, his abnormal performance caused the vigilance of the police. After the query and verification, the man turned out to be a man suspected of organizing prostitution suspects at large. "The wind has passed" ready to re open the bath after investigation, the man named Lee, somewhere in Jiangsu business bath center, and organize the prostitution of others to seek illegal interests. Last month, the local police on the operation of the bath were investigated, Lee is like a badly frightened person, the night fled back home in Sichuan. Recently, Lee worked in and bath center personnel contact, that the wind has passed, ready to return to Jiangsu again. According to Lee confessed that on the same day, he came to the Yingshan Railway Station to buy train tickets, just met two women in the train station square. Lee see two young and beautiful, and they are discussing eavesdrop on migrant workers, taking into account their bathing center need to "re construction", then "inspiration", and to introduce the work as the name approached and the two woman, who knows actually brought the police. Currently, the suspect Lee has been transferred to the police to deal with the incident.相关的主题文章: