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Barbecue shop on-site service area Roasted Whole Lamb smoke four halted chased from the original title: "Guo Jing" to Roasted Whole Lamb smoke four was chased halt JINGWAH Times News (reporter Yuan Guoli) yesterday, a suburb of Guo Jingkao "sheep" barbecue shop on-site service, in Dongcheng Shinchi warehouse district bake the sheep. Due to the violation of the relevant provisions, be Dongcheng chased stopped on the spot. Yesterday, a resident of north warehouse district in order to give children birthday, please come from Changping restaurant chef, put the stalls in the village, the roast lamb. Roasted Whole Lamb facilities without any purification equipment of smoke, smoke drifting around the neighborhood, lead to dissatisfaction. Upon receipt of the report of the inspectors came to the scene, saw two men dressed in "Guo Jingkao lamb" is around the oven Roasted Whole Lamb. Law enforcement officers asked whether the two sides to understand the provisions of Beijing open barbecue, a few people bowed their heads. The inspectors on-site registration and preservation for Roasted Whole Lamb oven, barbecue and interviews the person in charge of the unit to the law enforcement team for further processing. According to China’s "air pollution prevention law" and the "Beijing City air pollution control regulations" provisions, no unit or individual shall not be prohibited within the area of the open-air barbecue food, barbecue tools and violators can be confiscated illegal income, a maximum fine of twenty thousand yuan. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: