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Finance Imaging, you walk into the bank for opening an account but bank reject your application because of your credit issues. Isnt this sound horrible? But this is the reality for many of the people having poor credit history. That is the reason banks have decided to give some relief to people suffering from this problem. They have introduced bank accounts bad credit history to give anther chance to citizens of UK so they can bring back their financial life on track. These accounts are specific designed for the people who are unable to open new bank account because of their bad banking credit history. With the help of these banks you can easily manage your funds and enjoy the financial freedom. Under this account people get various benefits that help them to rebuild their score and get the account without any problem. Firstly, no credit check is performed it means people with any credit problem can open this account without any hassle No penalty is charged on unauthorized overdraft, late payments or defaults. Banks appoint personal account manager that monitor your financial transactions and to help in taking financial decision. You can also enjoy the convenience of online and telephonic banking As bank accounts bad credit history is filled with various services, it wants you to some documents that prove your identity and address. Bank verifies your documents and opens your new account. In order to get the benefit of these accounts you just have to pay a small amount of opening fee and monthly fee. Most of the reputed banks offer this sort of accounts and even some offer the account with guaranteed acceptance. Through online medium one can easily acquire the account from the convenience of your home and office. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: