Baidu can give up o2o entrance or hope to achieve with the new mcncc

Baidu can give up O2O or more to reach new entrance with the Yang Qingqing from Baidu has responded to the rumors of the sale of glutinous rice takeaway, already can get a glimpse of the attitude of Baidu. In September 8th, following the previous Baidu Nuomi official rumor, vice president of Baidu Inc, general manager of Baidu Nuomi Ceng Liang issued an internal letter for full glutinous rice. The letter pointed out that the Chinese O2O is still in the midfield midfield marathon, and in the long run on the road, Baidu Nuomi will be unable to return". Compared with Baidu resolutely rumor attitude, public opinion focus to another — new large (US + public comment) is ambiguous many, in the face of the media is always the "no comment" response, is this attitude attracted a lot of speculation. Since the beginning of last year’s "Valentine’s day drops fast hand", industry of the eldest and already got, even have begun to form a conditioned reflex: whenever a merger rumors outflow, out of time, often come true. 58 so fair, so the U.S. group comments, drops the same excellent step. The key issue is whether the 58 city, go to the market, or the U.S. group, public comment, the original merger, more is to avoid the "money war"; the result of the merger, but also more is the impact of the industry pattern. In contrast, Baidu, Baidu in 2015 made it clear that the phone Baidu, Baidu maps and Baidu Nuomi is the most important connection between three people and services of the entrance of the Baidu. From this perspective, whether Baidu will sell packaged O2O business, not simply to "burn" as a starting point, it should be combined with the overall strategy of Baidu. In April 13th this year, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li announced the establishment of a search company through internal mail, by the search business group, mobile services group and the cause of the composition of glutinous rice. Search outside the company is non search sector, including emerging business groups and Internet banking group. From the establishment of the company’s search for the company’s architecture, Baidu’s intention to extend the service from the information search has been quite obvious. Baidu APP mobile phone slogan from the past popular "use Baidu Search, You’ll see." to "use Baidu Search, you get" concept, service search, remarkable. It is worth noting that the premise of service discovery is the existence of a service, or that the presence of Baidu can connect to the service. This also constitutes a Baidu to do glutinous rice, takeaway and other mobile services business of the original driving force. Just imagine, if Baidu is packaged to sell O2O business to the new, and did not realize the latter holding, one day the latter does not play with Baidu – to through Baidu search service users, will gradually lose. This Baidu service search strategy will be a major blow. According to this understanding, as early as last year, Baidu has mobile phone Baidu, glutinous rice, Ctrip, takeaway and other resources to get through, and to some extent, Baidu Nuomi, Baidu, Baidu maps mobile phone takeout and also formed a benign cooperation. Open the Baidu mobile phone users, in addition to search information, can be a key to switch to rice, to search for the required services; in Baidu maps, users in addition to search route and end point, can also browse various destinations around.相关的主题文章: