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Badaling’s "tiger bite" complete video released garden party: we definitely have no complete responsibility in the new network video yesterday, Ms. Zhao announced that more than 20 minutes after the incident, two people were rescued from a tiger bite the rescue vehicle carried (about red circle). Video screenshot Badaling wild animal world tiger bite incident continues to ferment. Yesterday, the parties Zhao told the Beijing News reporter to produce a complete video before and after the event. Ms. Zhao said, in November 11th to get the information disclosure documents, a total of four discs, including the Siberian Tiger Park entrance monitoring, Yanqing district hospital entrance monitoring, zoo entrance monitoring and complete monitoring before and after the tiger bites. The scene of the incident at the time of the video display, when there are more than 2 rescue vehicles shuttle, more than 20 minutes after the incident, the injured were taken to the rescue vehicle. I hope the zoo parties recognize the lack of responsibility of video display, after the incident, the eastern side of the road (the North) quickly rushed out of a patrol car, stop the car to the road on the west side near the platform. From the video, the patrol car was blocked by branches. 15 01, the blue man — the white Jetta car driver’s seat Zhao lover went to the patrol car near, linger a little. Then, a red car and a black car blocking the Jetta car rear. In Zhao’s wife, take the car, behind the car followed out. In this regard, the results of the accident investigation said, "Liu (Ms. Zhao husband) requirements numbered 3 patrol car driver involved in the rescue, the driver shall be ordered to immediately leave the scene on liu. 15 hours 02 minutes 26 seconds, Liu will be the car off the Siberian tiger park." Ms. Zhao said, when her husband wanted to get off to seek help, but because there are mountains near the tiger, rescue workers said they dare not come down. Because her husband was also afraid of being taken away, rescue workers said her husband parked in the driveway of the incident affected the rescue car, so let him drive away. Followed by the video images are mostly shuttle back and forth rescue vehicles. Ms. Zhao said, rescue workers did not get off, just in the throttle, the horn, want to scare the tiger, so I’ve been driving back and forth. Zhao said his father, from the video can be seen, the daughter off at the same time, the driver’s seat is also open the door, which means that the two are discussed in advance, is not a quarrel. Ms. Zhao said, she released the complete video, is to further understand the specific situation, I hope the zoo to recognize them in the rescue treatment, the responsibility is missing. "Recently brought a lawsuit against the matter." 2 people were rescued the video screen video also shows that more than 20 minutes after the incident, which is when 15:20 on July 23rd of 29 seconds, the first injured was carried in a white car, at 15:21 and 56 seconds, second injured were carried to the car. According to the results of the survey, "15:16 to 43 seconds to 19 minutes and 22 seconds, rescuers get off the rescue, did not find Zhou (Zhao mother) breathing and pulse; Zhao found facial lacerations, accompanied by shouting. Rescue workers at 15:17 to call the 120 emergency call, rescue personnel quickly Zhao and Zhou carried into the car in the fall of 15相关的主题文章: