Baby formula milk to drink a few years old mother love milk to teach you to feed your

The baby formula milk powder drink to several years Mami’ai teach you the scientific feeding – maternal Sohu as everyone knows, breast milk is the ideal baby nutrition, but most of the baby off the breast, and cannot be completely separated from dairy products. At this time the baby’s digestion and absorption capacity is weak, therefore also need to have a long formula based on "milk" to excessive. A lot of parents doubt, after the infant lactation, the formula milk consumption to drink a few years old is the most appropriate? Experts pointed out that although children from 6 months began to add complementary, but the need to remind parents to pay attention to is that the infant formula milk to drink at least 3 years old, even if possible, it is best to drink to 6 – 7 years old. Studies have shown that formula is a comprehensive transformation of milk, so that it is close to breast milk, in line with the baby’s digestion and absorption and nutritional needs of milk powder. Its production process and composition determines that it is the most suitable for dairy products in addition to breast milk. The formula not only to adjust the structure of the protein and fat, ratio of calcium and phosphorus, and add some vitamins, trace elements, nucleotide, polyunsaturated fatty acids such as infant growth and development of the necessary ingredients, is conducive to the healthy growth of children. For babies who have just broken breast milk, parents in order to add milk powder, it is best to choose close to breast feeding, good absorption, quality assurance of infant formula milk powder. First of all, a good formula should be based on the research and development of breast milk, in order to give the child a better nutrition absorption. Ofmom mommy love infant formula relying on mommy love maternal and child nutrition center research experience, continuous study of different stages of the baby’s nutritional needs, is committed to providing the international level of quality products for children. Among them, Ofmom love mummy series formula unique Natura-defense formula, build the double immune defense for the baby baby care based on gut health, enhance the resistance of children. Milk contains lactoferrin, is immune material has antibacterial, antiviral and immune function of mediation in breast milk. Double protection, add vitality to the baby. Secondly, in addition to pay attention to the scientific ratio of milk powder, its nutrient digestion and absorption efficiency is also critical. It is understood that the daily intake of dietary calcium in our residents are often less than the recommended intake standard, the baby is often more difficult to absorb nutrients. Ofmom Mommy animal Bifidobacterium Bb-12 and advanced prebiotics in milk powder with the combination of series (FOS+GOS), the baby can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, enhance the ability to resist intestinal bacteria. Regulation of intestinal function by probiotics and prebiotics in combination, activation of intestinal immune cells, so as to enhance the immunity of the baby. And love Ofmom Mommy series of milk to strictly abide by the EU and Chinese national standards, monitor the whole process to ensure the quality of products from the milk, ingredients, production and sales, every link to implement quality inspection and control strictly, guarantee the quality of the products. For the baby to drink milk formula, choose a digestible absorption of milk powder can be very good care of the baby’s stomach, but not to increase the burden on the baby intestinal digestion. As South korea.相关的主题文章: