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At the same time popular IP film debut of   " " " Mstching slightly; the audience laughed; " embarrassment – the media – original title: "slightly" Mstching, "the audience laugh" embarrassed "this summer the most popular film and television IP, than Gu diffuse smiled" very little "before the movie, starring Jing Bairan Angelababy, Yang Yang Zheng Shuang, released after the TV series in the East, Jiangsu satellite tv. The two edition after the stage, will not be compared, more fans will two versions of the actors are mixed in their minds will be the best "Xiao Nai" and "Bei slightly" clip together. Shadow version of "tiny" Angelababy "Internet addiction girl" to meet the role of "smile" very little, the heroine is a game master shell is tiny, shadow version starring Angelababy featuring female. In the face of their acting has been questioned, she admitted that the lack of talent, but as long as the method and skills to find the time, the future will be able to become a qualified actor". Able to play with the role of Angelababy, said several times that he was lucky, never encountered and life itself so like the role". The game is a reed slightly overbearing online master, generous heroic, like she appears in a variety show in the female man side; and bay slightly a little girl, a vision of love but also confused, sometimes some sensitive, and she is like the pisces. And the most important thing is that I am a Angelababy game master. Claiming to be "addiction girl" she admitted that he had more than 12 hours of continuous playing games, after entering the entertainment circle had with the game user awareness line to meet with friends, but also in Internet cafes playing games. "2" during the filming of Independence Day in the United States, Angelababy by playing the game to pass the time "to relieve the pressure, and time lag depends on it, to the United States during the day and night to play the game, playing tired, then you fell asleep and woke up to start it". Since his debut, Angelababy has acted in "Tai Chi" series, "Di Renjie", "Huang Feihong the Dragon God has a dream hero", "dragon tactic" such as big movies, from the sentimental to the star of his young model very magnanimous, with fame to many of her acting skills and other aspects of the question. Now has fought in the entertainment business for many years in the face of all kinds of Angelababy voice respond freely: "if it is a personal attack of the evaluation, it is not my problem, but if it is good advice, I will face will be improved. I was this "unyielding" character, I love this acting thing, even walking longer than others, spend more time and hard work, I have to do." Drama version of "grass" Yang Yangzhen back to campus feeling in Yang Yang’s view, in any case, for the benefit of the audience, "the biggest beneficiary or the original party and the audience, you can see a lot of different versions. As an actor, I’m trying to restore the character itself. I feel)相关的主题文章: