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At the age of 37 to do a variety of public bus long spread love love Mancheng – Beijing, Beijing, September 13 Zhengzhou Xinhua (reporter door jiedan) Zhengzhou 37 bus long Zheng Jingjun 4 years to help thousands of passengers forgot to change the coin, recently, in a variety of tricks of the warm-hearted public emerge in an endless stream, long bus, and post a series of comics on the bus, to remind the public to take anti cheat. September 13th, in an interview, Zheng Jingjun admitted that he had a wish: to do more than the public service, so that the love pass down, drive more people to help people in need, so that love is full of the city. 13, the reporter saw 906 bus general Zheng Jingjun in the Zhengzhou bus company, just out of the bus back he was cleaning the car and health. The car window, covered with brightly coloured cartoon cartoon fangpian. "Now the fraud is getting worse, I will browse the website, Download Cartoons, let the passengers when the car, when not to bow to the family, can ride and learn some anti fraud knowledge." Zheng Jingjun said, in addition, two years ago, his niece came to Zhengzhou to go to school when he was cheated two times, which made him have the idea of anti fraud scam affixed. Perennial work in a small car, Zheng Jingjun a lot of value-added services are launched around the passenger. He is 37 years old this year, since 2012, the day before going to work for a stack of one dollar bills, have not prepared well. The passengers on the bus, he took the coin, more than 4 years, to help thousands of passengers coin, hence the name "the brother he". "I run this line is long, passing through the station, there will be a lot like their parents to visit the city passengers on the road, they may not know the bus ticket, not deliberately prepared to change, I prepared some change on their own, to help them from home to aunt uncle, aunt uncle." Zheng Jingjun said: "come out from the station by bus is the first thing they encounter into Zhengzhou, so they won’t feel scared, let them feel that Zhengzhou is a warm, loving city." October 2015, the weather is getting cold in Zhengzhou, Zheng Jingjun bought a cushion on his own to the bus seat. In addition, he was still inside the bus placed a box filled with love, perennial carsickness, available, Kyushin Pills maps, sewing kit, blood pressure meter, to prepare for possible period of want or need the passengers. It is understood that Zheng Jingjun joined the party in the army, since then had the consciousness of serving the people, after the army worked as a volunteer, in addition to the work in the service of passengers, work still do something such as public welfare, condolences left-behind children and to primary school to send books etc.. Zheng Jingjun said: "as a volunteer, feel to do charity, let oneself can help some people in need of help, let them feel the warmth of our city, let the love to continue to pass along, lead more people to help some people in need, let love fill the whole city." (end)相关的主题文章: