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"Ask – marketing sector," Chen Weixu: it is time to choose us in order to make people remember Po Wo, Chen Weixu is not anxious to finish the story. In May this year, Germany Bremen City, more than 500 owners gathered in Bao Wo brand originated in vintage car exhibition. For the whole world to the fans, which they waited for 25 years, the last can be traced back to 1991. Scene, a German man who worked in the treasure of the old Chen Weixu. "He saw the staff wearing the badge, the tears fell, and asked if I could give him a." Chen Weixu describes, "he remembers everything, even his own employee number, the work manual of the year, and the photo of him shaking hands with mr.." In 60s of last century, the founder of the Carle · car Bao Wo Wo Bao; every day the first thing to do, is the first to see the production line workers, workers with little finger hook. In Germany, which is to "little finger hook together". Today, the company has set up factories in China, the German factory is still in the search phase. From the 2015 Frankfurt motor show, the story of the German color is about to finish. The market is very close to the time of the treasure, and now to the task of Chen Weixu, is to use the action to make the world remember treasure Wo, not only the past, but also the future. Out of the blue and blue nine screen cloud "Bao Wo at the Chengdu auto show officially released the" nine screen cloud platform strategy." Chen Weixu said, at present, we have communicated with the dealer is completed, probably by the end of the year will be the construction of the whole foundation, next year we will see the finished product." "Nine screen" on behalf of consumers can contact the terminal of the 9, from the point and surface, covering the whole life cycle of the car. At the same time, Bao Wo for cars and people of each given a "identity card", focused on the treasure cloud, in order to integrate to the terminal on the day after. There is no doubt that this strategy will help wal to build an intelligent automotive industry ecological model. Wo Wo BX7 official product video equipped with AQS automatic constant temperature air conditioning in the industry view, Germany itself has a modular product portfolio, but also has excellent technology. For a long time, the market for the German car recognition, reflected in their higher premium space compared to other cars. From a brand point of view, Chen Weixu also admitted that Germany itself is an attractive point, representing a lot of non automotive level commitment. But as a latecomer to the market, as a result of German manufacturing, but also need to better than the German manufacturing". "We have to think about some of the problems currently encountered by the German brands and how we can solve them." In order to break through the boundaries of the German luxury, Chen Weixu chose the smart two words as the independent label wal wo own. A recent auto industry report shows that in the next 5-10 years, China’s auto industry will usher in a breakthrough revolution. With the gradual innovation and breakthrough innovation is a big step forward, it is those who do not have the "advantage" of the enterprise can through the "intelligent" opportunity to enter the market, out of their own one day. As Chen Weixu said, is that we chose the treasure Wo, it is time to choose the treasure wo. "In.相关的主题文章: