Artificial intelligence – the next outlet of home appliance industry acbel

Artificial intelligence – home appliance industry under the air? JINGWAH times Wang Chuncai drawing more than two years ago, home appliance net began to intelligent direction, but today, intelligent home appliance enterprises still seems just looks beautiful, intelligent, pseudo homogeneity, the lack of uniform standards is the main problem in the domestic home appliance intelligent questions. In March this year, artificial intelligence AlphaGo war Li Shishi triggered the whole society’s attention, but also to the home appliance companies seem to see a new hope, so the layout of artificial intelligence. However, for the domestic appliance manufacturers, artificial intelligence is industry icebreaker weapon, or a gimmick slogan, the industry is still controversial, but it is certain that the popularity of artificial intelligent home appliances still have a long way to go. The current status of home appliance giant fell in love with artificial intelligence last year, the overall downturn in the home appliance market, low sales of high inventory, household electrical appliance enterprises have endured the winter market throughout the year. Although the household electrical appliance enterprises have launched smart products, but also just praised. The industry generally believe that the majority of smart products gimmick is greater than the actual, and the lack of a unified standard of intelligent home appliances, different products difficult to achieve interoperability. This year, many home appliance giant seems to have fallen in love with artificial intelligence, have in this field force layout, it seems to want to use artificial intelligence to break the sales problem of the home appliance industry, and to achieve industrial upgrading. The acquisition of the German giant is a typical case of KUKA robot. As one of the world’s leading robot "four families", the company’s main products for robotics and automation technology system, is one of the leading enterprises in the German industry, one of the 4. The United States spent huge sums of money to acquire robotic company, the ultimate goal is undoubtedly in the field of artificial intelligence layout. Earlier this month, the U.S. group released the "smart +" strategy, launched its "smart i+" series of products plan, to make various devices to achieve Internet also have intelligent interaction and other functions, to achieve interoperability, intelligent home appliances learning. Coincidentally, Sichuan Changhong also released the world’s first artificial intelligence TV Changhong CHiQ (start off). According to reports, this TV is based on a sound technical logic and big data operations, to achieve a natural voice interaction, the depth of learning and application software, such as the integration of automatic iterative system capabilities. Changhong said, CHiQ artificial intelligence TV has made a major breakthrough in the cognitive level, Ciri+ voice platform based on Changhong independent research and development, to achieve efficient speech centered interactive collaboration and semantic recognition and understanding. Voice recognition rate of 97%, the natural distance between people and the voice of the TV to reach a distance of 30 meters, that is, the user at any corner of the home can be interactive voice and television." In addition, Haier launched Ubot robot positioning, family security guards, intelligent housekeeper, children accompany, elderly companion and daily life assistant. GREE has already quietly built not resigned to playing second fiddle, intelligent plant, intelligent equipment as the third major business development direction of air conditioning and motor. Analysis of user needs to solve is still the bottleneck in the smart home, deputy general manager of Changhong Technology Exhibition Center Huayi that had all kinds of home appliances claimed the wisdom of life, is not cooperative networking, essentially not wisdom. This is also the industry generally"相关的主题文章: