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Armenia high-profile show " Islamic Kandel " a Chinese Sohu missile deterrent Military Channel text with map: Armenia show "Kandel Ismail" missile launch vehicle. In recent years, Russia to help Armenia strengthen the military, to expand its influence in the Caucasus region of the trend has been very obvious, after sending the MIG -29SMT fighters to Armenia, Armenia has recently in the parade to show the new equipment of Russia’s "Islamic Kandel" ballistic missile, rocket launchers and other weapons and equipment BM-30. According to the Russian "Kommersant" said, "the main purpose is to provide Armenia with Kandel E" missile deterrence in Azerbaijan. The British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" reported on September 23rd, Independence Day parade in Armenia held in September 21st, shows a series of new weapons systems, including the 9K720 "Islamic Kandel" short-range ballistic missile. Armenia is the first overseas users of Russia’s "Islamic Kandel" missile. In the parade, showing the two car "Islamic Kandel" missile launch vehicles and two loading vehicle. In addition, in the parade, also show the 9K58 300 mm long-range rocket "tornado", "Infauna" electronic warfare system, and two beech air defense missile launch vehicle loading, and radar, but they did not carry missiles. Armenia also shows the most active equipment in its arsenal, including the S-300 WM-80 air defense missiles, long-range rocket, R-17 Scud ballistic missiles, short-range ballistic missile 9M79 "dot" etc.. Armenia’s president and Secretary of defense have previously suggested that Armenia was going to end the "Islamic Kandel" missile, but this is the first time to confirm the news. In February 2015, Russian officials announced a list of weapons and equipment purchased from Armenia to Russia, Ross is willing to lend $200 million to buy the equipment. This list includes "tornado" rocket, but did not include "Islamic Kandel" and "beech missile. The Russian "Kommersant" said the military and industry news remote, Russia to Armenia provides a division of missile unit (4 launchers) of the "Islamic Kandel" missile. "Kommersant" said the news source said that the main purpose of the Armenia purchase "Islamic Kandel" missile is deterring Azerbaijan, avoid their attack on the Armenia population center, Azerbaijan some of the officers had threatened to take the action. The export type "Islamic Kandel E" missile warhead weighing 480 kg, and can carry various types of warheads, open range of 280 km, the circular error probability is less than 10 meters.相关的主题文章: