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Are you really going to milk the baby? This is equivalent to harm him – Sohu maternal and infant although breast milk is the best food for the baby, but for some reason, many children have to drink formula, or breast milk powder mixed feeding. And the way the milk powder is correct or not, directly affect the baby’s growth and development and health. So, I want to talk about the red kangaroo milk this topic today. Powdered milk to the baby don’t make 6 mistakes in 1, milk red too many parents, especially the elderly, children always worry about nutrition is not enough, so in the powdered milk to the baby, often add a spoonful of half spoon, but actually this kind of practice is not only to increase the child nutrition, also can let the baby malnutrition. Because the baby is still small, gastrointestinal function is not yet perfect, if a short time to drink a higher concentration of milk powder, constipation, indigestion and other performance, increased risk of gastrointestinal disease. If long time consumption, but also affect the blood sodium, blood calcium and iron and other indicators, especially the serum sodium concentration increased significantly. When the concentration of sodium in the blood is too high, it will affect the absorption of calcium, so that the baby appears stunted, short stature, etc.. In addition, excessive sodium can affect the absorption of water in the body, on the nervous system and kidney and other adverse effects. That is not the milk powder diluted some better? Neither。 Too much milk powder concentration will lead to insufficient protein content in the body, but also cause malnutrition. Therefore, the parents in the baby milk powder, must be in strict accordance with the formula on the packaging of milk formula, do not arbitrarily increase or decrease the concentration of milk powder. Error 2, long-term use of mineral water, powdered milk in our daily drinking water is mineral water, pure water, tap water, with the increasing emphasis on health, many families have started to buy and drinking mineral water, pure water, but also can use the water to the baby powdered milk. But experts pointed out that mineral water is not suitable for long-term drinking infants and young children. Because of the high mineral content of mineral water, if long-term consumption of a large number of words, will increase the burden on the kidneys, increase the risk of kidney stones. In addition, the baby will appear indigestion, loss of appetite and other symptoms, hinder the absorption of nutrients. So, with pure water to milk powder can not it? Pure water is also known as "poor water", because it does not contain any trace elements and minerals, including beneficial to the human body, such as calcium, fluorine, etc.. In other words, with pure water, milk powder, baby will lose the opportunity to absorb certain minerals. However, these trace elements can also be obtained from baby formula and other daily diet and supplements, parents do not have to worry too much. Is it OK to use tap water? In fact, in the strict sense, most of the water as long as the national standard, after boiling cool to about 40 degrees Celsius to baby milk powder, the price is the highest. However, tap water in the transportation process, because of pipeline aging, pollution, water quality will be subject to different degrees of pollution, if that affect the health of children, the family can install water purifier, filter and then to Bao Baochong formula. There is a problem with the same?相关的主题文章: