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Mobile-Cell-Phone Just recently we had lots of news about Apple iPhone 4G. Apparently, ever since Apple announced it was working on iPhone OS 4, there have been several rumors about a possible development on the iPhone 3GS. If the rumors are to be believed even to the least extent, the Apple iPhone 4G could very well be one of the smartest products from Apple. There is no official confirmation on its existence and release, but the Apple iPhone 4G release date might coincide with the annual conference of Apple. The Apple iPhone 4G features are futuristic and highly astounding. For instance, there is a high chance that the iPhone 4G would have a front-facing camera to enable video chats. The purported iChat might work on this feature and if it does, the feature would win lots of hearts. Again, according to certain reports, the iPhone 4G seems to have a better camera than its predecessor possibly a 5 megapixel camera for higher resolution picture and video captures. Another feature seems to be the presence of a more powerful camera flash. The Apple iPhone 4G specifications talk about a micro SIM instead of the usual one. This standard is quite weird but the reports are not yet confirmed. The display on the Apple iPhone 4G has been rumored to have a higher resolution than that of the 3GS. If certain reports are to go by, the Apple iPhone Price design is more professional and squared than the iPhone 3GS. The edges are not so round or smooth, but bear a very clear look. An important development, experts suggest, might be the larger battery providing a longer battery backup. The Apple iPhone 4G price is obviously unknown because of all the huge speculation surrounding the existence of the smartphone. Market analysts however predict that it might be actually quite close to the iPhone 3GS. Certain prominent features that have been highlighted in every Apple iPhone 4G include the absence of the curved-design and larger memory capacity. The memory capacity is as yet unknown but certain rumors suggest a 64 GB possibility too! If the iPhone 4G can store up to 64 GB, it would be.e all the more powerful. All said and written, it is now time to await the official word from Apple. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: