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Americans love what the first new energy vehicle sales we do not know – Sohu car last year, China’s auto production and sales have exceeded 24 million, becoming the world’s largest auto market. In the field of new energy vehicles, 2016 in the first half of China’s production and sales were 177 thousand, 170 thousand, sales grew by 126.9%! However, the proportion of overseas car brands accounted for more than half of the Chinese market. In contrast, in August the new energy market sold 12715 new cars, the annual total sold 83303 vehicles in China, and the first half of 170 thousand vehicles have been completed the difference between visible, fast-paced new energy vehicle market in china! New energy vehicles in the United States market, ranked in the top 6 sales in August models, in addition to Wo Da Da, we are not strangers. 1, Chevrolet volt volt is a plug-in electric car program is increasing, and the general plug-in hybrid models the biggest difference, the engine does not participate in the drive, only when necessary for power generation, can be understood as the volt with charging pile! 1.5L engine +120kW volt motor, but in 2016 Ward annual list of top ten engine. 2, Model S X S Tesla Tesla Model X in the United States at around $8-12, in the local to be favorable, and in Chinese can be said to be The climate does not suit one. Came to China with value-added tax, tariff, etc., the price has been very close to the people, while imports of pure electric vehicles are not government subsidies, but also by the limitations of China’s geographical conditions, charging pile is still a problem. 3, Ford Fusion plug-in hybrid version of Ford Fusion (U.S. version of the Mondeo) plug-in hybrid vehicle, equipped with power system composed of 2.0L engine and motor, integrated maximum power of 197 horsepower, matching E-CVT gearbox. In Chinese few on new energy vehicles, Ford news, Ford announced that the first half will open a new era of energy in China this year, the first model is a hybrid version of the mondeo. 4, Nissan Nissan in China we can see, only the name is Kai Chen morrowind. The day before, Nissan has released a new generation of Nissan, equipped with larger capacity battery, or 60kWh, the maximum mileage will be more than 200 miles (about 322km), compared to the current 160 km endurance quality have improved. 5, BMW I3 BMW I3 in the domestic price as high as 500 thousand, this noble small car basic and we missed the people. Think about it, but also a reason not to buy BYD…… I3 has a pure electric and two versions of the program, mileage of 200 km, respectively, 330 km, as BMW’s first I series of products, more or milestone significance! China and the United States, the two major automobile market is still a considerable difference, the situation is not the same as the demand for different. China is among the world’s largest auto market, the development of new energy vehicles in the field is also rapid, electricity is a breakthrough, then hydrogen energy, solar energy, alternative energy? The car, French fries.相关的主题文章: