All members have been crowding out Guo Xuefu pulled Chenxiang group group of zombies douke

All members have been crowding out Guo Xuefu pulled Chen Xiang Wen, Lin Yiyun group group zombie figure Sina entertainment Guo Xuefu, Chen Xiang 28 in Taipei to attend the press conference online game, two people appeared in costumes, they were born from Dreams Girls and SpeXial group, just came out of the news, whether there is a private exchange of views? Guo Xuefu smiled and said: "we want to group a group called ‘zombie’!" Two people together because commercials, Guo Xuefu has been an advocate of Chenxiang learn zombie walk, but Chenxiang refused, Guo Xuefu is no "idol burden too heavy," for "crowding out" news, Guo Xuefu said: "I see the light would like to listen." Guo Xuefu and Chen Xiang for more than a year ago in SpeXial will meet fans know, two people are slow, personality admits a king, so get along to talk privately, will contact each other, but often chat about dinner, Guo Xuefu is actively looking for Chen Xiang chat, laugh at the loss of Chenxiang jokes super hard laugh, Chen Xiang said: "I shaved head, told her that" every day I finish bangs Oh tired. "" Guo Xuefu replied: "is it hard to laugh!" Guo Xuefu big morning Cheung three years old, for him is the sister type, she thought love tube around friends, family, immediately turn head with morning Cheung said: "your black eye is a bit heavy, want to go to bed early." Morning Cheung from the past as Guo Xuefu as a goddess, was asked Dreams Girls who appreciate the most? Morning Xiang said with a smile: "Guo Xuefu ah!" Guo Xuefu seconds back: he told me to shoot ads, not to say who I can say!" Chen Xiang and Tia Lee have also worked together to shoot MV, but at the time of the two opponents play less, so it did not become ripe. (Sina entertainment Taiwan station   Lin Wen, Yiyun (Figure) commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: