Airsoft Pistols- Understand The Brands For Better Decision

Fitness-Equipment There are a lot of airsoft guns manufacturer and before deciding on which gun to buy, it is essential for you to know about them in more detailed. a) Tokyo Marui: They are the airsoft pistols leading manufacturer and largest international manufacturer worldwide. They produce high quality airsoft guns which are believed to have a consistent reliability and hard-wearing. They are famous for producing excellent range of AEPs, AEGs, spring and gas powered guns. Their models are being replicated by other brands and are favored by many airsoft enthusiasts due to their guns firing accuracy and intricate designs and details. Metal body AEG’s are not allowed in Japan so they made guns using ABS plastic which is durable and metals are used to reinforce parts. b) ICS: They have an image of making reliable quality guns and have a long time history of about twenty years. Their guns are very durable and are famous among experienced airsoft players due to the fact that they use materials from the best quality which extends to the internal workings of the gun, such as silicon steel bushings, metal gearboxes and steel gears. c) Classic Army: A Hong Kong based manufacturer which manufactures high quality AEGs with metal bodies. Their most highly sought model is their metal rifles with precision barrel, high performance electric motor, metal gear and gearbox. Their guns have a realistic appearance and are durable. Besides, their rifles can be upgraded and accessorized. d) Jing Gong: Also known as Echo1, Golden Bow or JG, they manufacture low to mid price range of airsoft pistols and AEGs which .e with high quality. Experienced airsoft players who are looking for affordable guns with high quality favor this manufacturer. Their guns are close replicas of Tokyo Marui guns, although their quality may not be as high as the latter. The durability of the internal .ponents is their main focus plus the additional parts such as metal gears and gearboxes. Their recent version of AEG has been improved and has the ability to shoot over 400 fps with improved metal internals. e) Crosman: A prominent America airsoft guns manufacturer and distributor. Their guns have a reputation of being reliable, dependable and durable. Their guns range from entry level air guns which are suitable for beginners to high powered adult airsoft pistols . They are a brand where their guns are reasonably priced and properly constructed and this causes them to be popular among the youngsters. f) CYMA: They are best known for their guns which .e with low price tags and fairly low durability. Their guns are mainly re.mended for beginners. However, they have recently introduced a new series of AEGs made of full metal and wood which .e with high quality, performance and reliability. Their updated models help them to gain popularity as the manufacturer of quality and affordable guns. A lot of their newer models are duplicates of Tokyo Marui’s AEGs. g) Cybergun: They collaborate with manufacturers such as KWC and CYMA to produce officially licensed highly detailed duplicates with full branding of famous gun producers such as Kalashnikov, Colt, SIG SAUER, UZI, Desert Eagle, Smith & Wesson, FAMAS and Thompson. Although they do not manufacture the guns themselves, they are one of the most .monly known airsoft pistols brands. Getting to know about airsoft guns brands can help you to make a wiser decision when you are purchasing your gun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: