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AIDS is not a panacea wound paste aid should pay attention to these aid, a topical plaster known to every family, also known as Benzalkonium Chloride Patches, commonly known as sterilization elastic band aid, is composed of a long tape attached to a small, middle soaked gauze of drugs. In the early twentieth Century by El · invented by Dixon. It is one of the most commonly used surgical drugs in people’s life. Aid has now become necessary for family life, often found that many people have posted trauma aid. In fact, the scope of aid is not very extensive, it applies only to the trauma is shallow, small wound, little bleeding and clean without suture. AIDS itself is no anti-inflammatory effect, it is mainly by absorbing exudate to keep the wound dry. In general, if only the surface of the skin of minor scratches, can not aid, with iodine or 75% alcohol inunction, can play a sterilization and cleaning the wound, the role of prevention of infection. In fact, in daily life, often due to improper use of a health hazard to life events. May 2015, a hospital in Suzhou admitted a 4 year old girl. The doctor found the girl left middle finger paratelum black in check, dead for several days, and to prevent further deterioration, the little girl to be amputated. Causes of girls’ finger necrosis, just because of the injury, improper treatment of the wound, free stickers band aid, the fingers caused by poor blood circulation, eventually necrosis. In July this year, a farmer in Hubei working in the fields when the foot was broken glass scratched a wound, he slightly water rinse, then the injured wound with a tightly wrapped, more than a week after he slowly feel unwell, on tenterhooks, sweaty mouth. Go to the hospital after the discovery of infection, tetanus, critical condition, after the rescue to save lives. Visible, although aid in dealing with some unexpected small wound is convenient and safe, but not all are suitable for aid, for different trauma method using the way aid can not be generalized. So when we use band aid, must pay attention to the following points: 1 the wound length should be within the range of the width of band aid. 2 the use of aid, wound first after disinfection, and carefully check whether there is dirt in the wound. If there is dirt, first with the flow of water or saline to clean the wound dry, coated with Iodine Glycerol, and then a band aid. 3 wound paste aid, should pay attention to protect the wound, avoid bleeding, avoid wound dehiscence, avoid pollution. 4 should always pay attention to observe the change of the wound. A band aid, find the wound swelling, effusion and other infected phenomenon, immediately stop the use of aid, go to the hospital as soon as possible. 5 a day to replace a bandage to prevent infection. Although a convenient and easy to use, but is not a panacea. There are many kinds of wound, is not used directly as follows: 1 band aid, more bleeding wounds.相关的主题文章: