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After the death of his son’s parents were accused of court 20 thousand why only $3500 – the original title: the son accidentally died, his parents were accused of a court in Datong District, Liu, died in his life, after accidental death. The deceased Zhang owed twenty thousand yuan of money, and write ious. Northeast network September 14th hearing heard the news of accidental death Liu, Zhang immediately find Liu’s parents, asking for his son’s debts on behalf of, Liu refused to return to his parents. In desperation, Zhang paper petition, Liu parents to court. September 13th, reporters in Datong District Court, learned that such a case. Parents sued Datong District Court after hearing that the arrears of deaths, according to the law, Liu Liu’s parents is the first order of succession, in succession Liu heritage at the same time, assume the repayment obligation, and Liu’s heritage amount is the key to this case. In view of the original, the defendant’s education level is not high, the burden of proof is not strong, and Liu’s parents are sick, the judge taking into account the actual situation of the two sides, decided to verify the relevant circumstances in accordance with the authority. According to Zhang and Liu’s parents confirmed that Liu’s a medium-sized agricultural vehicles, the two sides have become the focus of controversy. Liu’s parents said that the car has been sold, but no transfer. The judge found the buyer of the vehicle by visiting. Under the auspices of the court, the buyer will Car Buying agreement submitted to the court. Liu’s parents to get the money to sell car 50 thousand yuan, has been confirmed. Liu’s parents told the judge, because Liu’s debt is too much, to sell the car has also been Liu’s other debt. The judges were found Liu parents said creditors, after verification, confirmed the authenticity of the facts of the repayment. The poor condition of the old man twenty thousand yuan to close the $3500 judge by visiting, found that a deposit of $5000 in the deposit after his death was removed. Liu’s parents also admitted that the money was used as a two person medical expenses. So, the court identified Liu’s legacy of 5000 yuan. Zhang was impressed by the judge’s serious attitude and unremitting efforts, in the mediation process, he said: Liu parents are not easy, the economic conditions are not good, the elderly just pay 3500 yuan on the line." The judge found Liu’s parents, Zhang made concessions, and explained to the elderly as a successor to the estate, parents have the obligation to pay for his son. A week later, Liu parents raised 3500 yuan, handed over to the court. Dilemma touched the judge to help the elderly find relief agencies, although the case ended, but the plight of Liu’s parents, deeply touched the judge, especially Liu’s father’s disease. 3500 yuan, although not much, but for such a family, it is difficult to bear. To this end, the judge hearing the case, found a local charity, introduced the situation of Liu’s parents, I hope they can help the elderly. After the actual investigation charity, they spontaneously donated 5000 yuan, sent to Liu’s parents. Although the money is not much, but the family has brought the hope of life.相关的主题文章: