After suffering the pain of her son donated 50 kilograms of breast milk to help the mother and child visualboyadvance

Experience of bereavement after she donated 50 kg milk to help 6 pairs of American New York mother Wendy (Wendy Cruz-Chan) three months ago suffered a miscarriage, she experienced bereavement in the doldrums after three days up, decided to donate their breast milk to help babies who need milk. In this way, Wendy started their own "donate Milk Plan", has made a donation of 2038 ounces (about 50 kg) 6 milk, provide help for 6 mothers and their infants. Because of the rare uterine infection, Wendy lost the stomach before 19 week fetus, "everything I have, just his casket ashes". "He can’t dress, can’t play with him, can’t watch him grow up, it’s too cruel for a mother." Although the baby has died, but when Wendy left the hospital, her breast is still extremely congestion, has been in the secretion of breast milk. It was then that she and her husband decided to take the milk and donate it to the people in need. "Although I can not go to breastfeed their children, but I want to do what his name," Wendy said: "this is the only thing I can do for him." Wendy on the Instagram drying out a photo of himself and all the babies she helped, and explained the reasons for doing so. She said she was happy to be able to help these children and their families with their own breast milk. "Although every 3 or 4 hours have to take a milk really tired, at night is no exception, but it’s all worth it." Look at these babies from their milk nutrition healthy growth, Wendy lost the baby pain was alleviated, aware that "this belongs to the son’s memories, mother’s love has no boundaries". She wanted to prove to the outside world that a person who has experienced grief can still turn him into a positive force to inspire those around him. At present, Wendy has stopped "donate Milk Plan", hope can be nursed back to good health, to prepare for the next time. But she will continue to be some knowledge related to online science to help other mothers regulate donated breast milk. This is not the first news of breastfeeding. Last year also has such a great mother, during the illness of their baby, to the local children’s hospital continued to donate their breast milk, the final donation amount reached 17500 ounces (about 0.5 tons), created the hospital records of donations. The mother named Demi (Demi Frandsen), in October last year, she lost her baby just 10 months old, Leo. Leo suffering from congenital gastroschisis, two months premature, can not drink milk after birth normal. Despite this, Demi still regularly suck breast milk, drink Ferdinand away, she took part to the other part of the baby, saved. Sadly, small Rio finally left. In memory of him, Demi will save a lot of their breast milk donated to the children’s Hospital, hoping to help other children. Demi said, "I know how my parents want to make their children feel better. I want to help my mother, who is the same as me.相关的主题文章: