After more than 100 kilometers, Dad brought his son to Hangzhou, just wanted to abandon him

More than 100 kilometers away, Dad took his son to Hangzhou, just want to leave his leaves lady is in Hangzhou community work, yesterday afternoon 1:45 minutes, received the residents of the reflection, in Hangzhou sell fish bridge primary school doorway has a baby carriage, which spread crying. Ms. Ye immediately rushed to the scene, saw a baby stroller, inside, there is a red blanket, wrapped inside a child. To hold up the child carefully to see behind, put a piece of note, Ms. ye said: "with the memory or gestures very neat, it probably said the child was born in January 3rd this year, with congenital heart disease, parents are sick, hope good adoption." Ms. Ye felt that someone had abandoned the child, so he immediately called the police. She also changed diapers to her baby. From Jiangsu has been sent to the orphanage police immediately looked at the monitoring, want to find the relevant information about the children, the final investigation found that a man pushing the baby stroller will be placed at the entrance of the fish bridge elementary school, and then leave. Police through further investigation found that men from Jiangsu, Yixing, from the dress, the family conditions are not very bad. At present, the child has been sent to the welfare center of Hangzhou, the name of Yang Yixuan in the welfare home, is now being taken care of very well. Information about the children, the police are also further efforts to investigate. The vast majority of congenital heart disease can be cured, at present, the baby congenital diseases, children abandoned events in the news around the country also seen a lot of, so these congenital diseases really can not be treated and the burden is very heavy? In this regard, we consulted Wu Hao, deputy director of the heart center of Hangzhou two hospital. Wu said that the general is not difficult to treat. There are many kinds of congenital heart disease, but most of them can be cured. Some children may be considered incurable, abandoned, but in fact there is still hope, as we now have a congenital heart disease was abandoned in the courtyard of the little boy, now 8 years old, basically recovered. Most of the simple treatment of congenital heart disease is also very good, most of them can be cured, in general, it costs about 40 thousand or so. For congenital heart disease, as long as a heart ultrasound, you can check clearly. Congenital heart disease can be avoided, Wu also said to us: congenital heart disease can be effectively avoided. The incidence of congenital heart disease is 6-8 in 1000, and higher in Plateau area. Normal health care and examination after pregnancy can be avoided. At 22 weeks, echocardiography can be used to screen for congenital heart disease. Similarly, in early pregnancy, cosmetics and other items containing heavy metals as little as possible, less computer, less smoking, less alcohol, to avoid taking medicine, especially in the first two months of pregnancy, is the key to fetal heart development, should pay special attention to. The crime of abandonment needs to be sentenced. About the abandoned babies, we also inquire about the relevant laws. At present, there is no crime of abandonment in our country’s four hundred and fifty-one charges, and the corresponding crime is abandonment. Abandonment crime: refers to the elderly, young, sick or other people who do not have the ability to live independently, have the obligation to support and refuse to bring up, the circumstances are bad, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or control. Specifically, the bad circumstances refer to one of the following situations: (1) the victim is seriously injured due to abandonment.

辗转100多公里 爸爸带儿子来杭州只想把他遗弃 叶女士是在杭州社区工作的,昨天下午1:45分,接到小区居民的反映,在杭州卖鱼桥小学门口有一个婴儿车,里面传来哭声。叶女士立马赶过去,现场看到一个婴儿车里面,有一床红色的毛毯,里面裹着一个小孩。把小孩抱起来仔细一看,背后放着一张纸条,叶女士凭借记忆说:“比划还是很工整的,上面大概说小孩子今年1月3日出生,有先天性心脏病,爸妈也生病,希望好心人收养。”叶女士觉得是有人遗弃了这个小孩,于是立马报警。期间,她还给小孩更换了尿片。来自江苏 已被送福利院民警当即查看了监控,想要寻找到了有关于孩子的相关信息,最终调查发现,一名男子推着婴儿车将放置在卖鱼桥小学门口,随后离开。民警通过进一步侦查发现,男子来自江苏宜兴市,从打扮来说,家庭条件不算很差。目前孩子已经被送往了杭州市福利院,在福利院的名字叫做杨逸轩,目前被照顾地很好。关于孩子的信息,警方也正在进一步努力调查中。先天性心脏病 绝大多数可痊愈目前,关于婴儿先天性疾病,将孩子抛弃的事件在各地的新闻中也见过不少,那么这些先天性疾病真的无法治疗且负担很重吗?对此我们咨询了杭州市二医院心脏中心副主任吴昊。吴医生表示,一般不难治。先天性心脏病的种类非常多,但绝大多数都是可以根治的。有些小孩可能被认为不能治,被抛弃,但其实都还是有希望,像我们现在院里就有个因先天性心脏病被抛弃的小男孩,现在已经8岁了,基本痊愈。大多数简单的先天性心脏病的治疗效果也很好,绝大多数都可以治愈,一般来说花费4万块左右就可以了。对于先天性心脏病,只要做一个心脏超声,就可以检查清楚。先天性心脏病可避免同样,吴医生还向我们表示:先天性心脏病,可有效避免。先天性心脏病发病率在千分之6-8,高原地区会高一些。怀孕后正常的保健和检查就可以避免。在22周的时候做心脏超声检查,可以筛选出先天性心脏病。同样,在怀孕初期,化妆品等含有重金属的物品尽量少用,少用电脑、少吸烟、少饮酒,避免吃药,特别是怀孕的前两个月,是胎儿心脏发育的关键时候,要特别注意。遗弃罪需判刑关于弃婴,我们也查询了相关的法律。目前,我国四百五十一个罪名中没有弃婴罪,相应罪名是遗弃罪。遗弃罪:是指对于年老、年幼、患病或者其他没有独立生活能力的人,负有抚养义务而拒绝抚养,情节恶劣的,处五年以下有期徒刑或者管制。具体来讲,情节恶劣是指下列情形之一:①由于遗弃而致被害人重伤、死亡的;②被害人因被遗弃而生活无着、流离失所、被迫沿街乞讨的;③因遗弃而使被害人走投无路被迫自杀的;④行为人屡经教育、拒绝改正而使被害人的生活陷于危难境地的;⑤遗弃手段十分恶劣的,如在遗弃中又有打骂、虐待行为的等等。相关的主题文章: