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The torpedo stopped suddenly surfaced after 2 hours of repair soldiers – Sohu Military Channel host said: success, is in a time of persistence and hard work; is obtained in sweat, tears, blood under watering. 21 year military career, the two army sergeant Award for outstanding talent, 3 times won three; rapid resolution of various types of torpedo, skilled painting mainly silent system principle diagram, the success of submarine torpedo protection of thousands of pieces of time, exclude the torpedo fault hundreds of times, saving millions of dollars in funding…… I often joke with comrades in extraordinary fashion, or which can obtain these people envious glory. In fact, in my opinion, what the force, encouraged me to go forward, the heart is consistent from beginning to end to. That year, or the boy I just graduated from the PLA Navy Submarine Academy, coincides with the base of a torpedo column. Research team simply move into force, research of new equipment. Everything from scratch, difficult to follow, terrified, hesitated many students together into the group of wandering, have run away. And I, out of love for the torpedo, did not choose to give up. In order to master the technology in the shortest time debugging procedures, I simply hold a bedroll into the torpedo "boudoir" — technology hall. I closely over the next two months, with perseverance for "heart", finally figured out her mettle. Taken out of the hall that day, put a roommate wedding for me, and I congratulate her "knot". All say love. After a naval training, the torpedo stopped sailing and stopped suddenly. "Physical examination report" shows the torpedo’s brain control system malfunction. Love the "thunder" eager, I decided to complete the scene "brain repair surgery". Someone advised me, don’t get emotional, go astray, the torpedo will be paralyzed, the consequences will be grievous. More than 10 years of hard work makes me confident, critical juncture, I would never abandon junlingzhuang. 2 hours later, the torpedo turned the corner, the scene applause. That year, a certain type of torpedo valve leakage problems often occur, affecting submarine attack training mission. In order to solve this problem, I volunteered to lead the technical research group, day and night, hundreds of times after improvement and simulation experiment, finally solved the problem. In the course of time, I and the "torpedo" love story in life and death. "". A lot of troubleshooting was a matter for his comrades into Allegro, relish. Pass the old Fu "brushes, attracted people to consult in a continuous line. As the saying goes, taught the apprentice, master starved. I don’t believe in evil, never hide, always adhere to teach all the more help with. Moreover, I give myself a clear goal in mind: no matter how difficult it is, we must help the soldiers break through the bottleneck, master excellent skills. Once, I led them along with the security unit for the first time to carry out trans regional torpedo protection task, the protection of the 6 operating thunder, 2 war thunder in the real shot hit the target accurately. The mountains are still green, I added some white hair. At the beginning of the age of the soldiers long teeth, the heart is not old, but also further make still further progress. I have a rash and too much in haste of technological innovation, vowing to fight.相关的主题文章: