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A young woman quarrel with her boyfriend after the lost family around for two days in the overseas workers, Mr. Chen can be said to be worried, because his daughter and boyfriend, chose to run away from home, eight or nine days later, the daughter of a bit of news are not, this can be very anxious a Mr. chen. Who lives in Yunyang County, Chen told reporters that he had been working in Henan, has yet to see his daughter, 4 for 5 years, but in 12 this month, the younger son phoned to say, sister sent a strange message to him, is likely to run away from home, the phone just let the old Chen panicked. Mr. Chen’s daughter named Chen Shilan, 25 years old this year, usually is the life of a person, according to her friend said, the day Chen Shilan was originally home to Fengdu together with her boyfriend, two people in the home is a thing because a big fight, after a fight Chen Shilan angrily with extreme ideas, to his brother send text messages after the shutdown, lost contact with their families. Subsequently, Chen immediately reported to the local police station, and in Fengdu and Chongqing issued missing notices, looking around, but eight or nine days passed, still no news. By watching the monitoring, Chen Shilan finally appeared in the sunshine city of Fengdu County, Shanghai. According to the surveillance screen, Chen Shilan left the day wearing a pink jacket, white shorts, white shoes, with a pair of glasses, shawl hair, black satchel on the back. I hope the enthusiastic masses if there is a clue of Chen Shilan, please contact Mr. Chen, contact: 18339293048. Hope Chen Shilan sees this news and goes home as soon as possible. The family was worried, and the whole family worried about you. (Fengdu Taiwan: Jiang Rui) (horizon network)

妙龄女子与男友吵架后失联 家人四处找寻这两天在外务工的陈先生可以说是心急如焚,因为自己女儿与男朋友吵架后,选择了离家出走, 八九天过去了,女儿一点消息都没有,这可急坏了陈先生一家。家住云阳县的陈先生告诉记者,他原本一直在河南务工,已经有4、5年没有见到自己女儿了,可就在这个月12号,小儿子打来电话说,姐姐给他发了一条很奇怪的短信,可能是要离家出走,这个电话一下子就让老陈慌了神。陈先生女儿叫陈实兰,今年25岁,平时都是一个人生活,据她朋友透露,陈实兰当天原本是跟男朋友一起回丰都老家,可两人在老家却因为一件小事大吵了一架,吵完之后陈实兰一气之下有了偏激想法,给弟弟发出短信后便选择了关机,与家人失联。随后,老陈立即向当地派出所报了警,并在丰都和重庆发放寻人启事,四处寻找,可八九天过去了,依旧没有一点音讯。通过调看监控,陈实兰最后出现的地方在丰都县阳光上海城。据监控画面显示,陈实兰离开当天身着粉色上衣,白色短裤,白鞋,带一副眼镜,披肩头发,背有黑色书包。希望热心的群众如果有陈实兰的线索,请与陈先生联系,联系方式:18339293048。希望陈实兰看到这个新闻,尽快回家。家里很担心,全家人都担心你。(丰都台:蒋锐)(视界网)相关的主题文章: