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A scenic area of Hunan: "retention of indomitable spirit" — social — people.com.cn JINGWAH Times News (reporter Feng Huamei) recently, the Hunan Yueyang scenic attractions name "change of indomitable spirit" as the "iron hammer" event triggered a public hot. Yesterday, someone’s scenic spot announcement that temporarily proposed the "iron hammer of indomitable spirit?" or "iron hammer of indomitable spirit?" as the names of scenic spots, the final confirmation will be determined by the meeting of shareholders, and to put forward suggestions, renamed employees 1000 yuan reward. 22, Hunan Yueyang tacu Mufushan Tourism Development Company Limited will be released "renamed" notify the attractions of indomitable spirit "iron hammer" decision. Many netizens believe that the "iron hammer" is China women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping’s nickname, in second days won the women’s volleyball will be renamed attractions as the "iron hammer", "hot rub" too. 25, the reporter responsible for Peng Weiwei in an interview with the scenic marketing department, said at the time that the staff was renamed as the "iron hammer" proposal is very good, and the appearance of more attractions like. Peng Weiwei frankly, did not think so much, but now we are in a dilemma, do not regret it, "renamed it, let the public feel is joking, do not retreat". Yesterday, Tianhe Mufushan tourism company issued "on the spot" of indomitable spirit "was renamed as the" iron hammer "event that notice", said the announcement issued after the accident has become hot spots of public opinion, the company bear the enormous pressure of public opinion. Notice that the names of scenic spots in the "iron hammer" is not a malicious show, but the "iron hammer" inherent positive energy resonance. Tacu Mufushan tourism company said, decided to respect public opinion, respect public opinion, will develop "of indomitable spirit? Iron hammer" or "iron hammer of indomitable spirit?" as a tourist named, final confirmation will be defined by the shareholders’ meeting held to choose. For the public blame scenic renamed too freely, contrary to the provisions of laws and regulations policy statement, tacu Mufushan tourism company responded that the only landmark attractions company name change, the official approval and registration of the "tacu Mufushan international tourism scenic area" the name has not changed, the area is not included in the registration and management of the government places attractions management scenic spots are the independent enterprise naming rights, so renaming decision policy does not violate the provisions. (commissioning editor: Wang Jiquan)相关的主题文章: