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A period of analysis: Aldo West – Aldo West Sohu first draw vs Cologne sports 2016 a first round Tuesday time: 2016-8-30 6:00 Liverpol handicap: 1.02 half 0.90 average odds: 2.23 3.09 3.11 [1] the score data of Argentina League will be at the beginning of the week opened the curtain. Monday’s game is still a lot of. Aldo west home court against the Cologne competitive strength of both sides are more general. 2 West Aldo last season spring League 16 games won 4 wins and 5 draws and 7 defeats, the home court scored 4 wins and 3 draws and 1 losses, 15 goals, 10 goals. 3 Cologne in the first season last season is now ranked eleventh, the result is a total of 5 wins and 2 draws and negative, which is only a score of 1 wins and 1 draws in the road and a negative of 6. 4 the two sides last season to season, Aldo in the west is 1 1 draw with the home court in Cologne sports, they are even in the case of the hemisphere. [] the current asian handicap analysis level of SMG out is 2.10-2.95-3.20, a water level is low, the corresponding Kelly index is only 0.87, compared with their trading habits, or not in accordance with the. Kelly found the variance is 10, higher than a draw, Kelly found a discrete degree is 3.16, higher than the draw. The major Gambling company to found is not particularly good, it is recommended that you choose a draw. Time is relatively early, we can look at. The disc recommended: Cologne competitive by Pingban SMG recommended: 1相关的主题文章: