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A live demonstration of endoscopic spinal lumbar surgery – Sohu Xuanwu Health Hospital Professor Chen Zan guest at the CCTV "road to health" (click to watch the video) live demonstration of endoscopic lumbar spine neurosurgeon surgery recently, China’s first spinal Department of Neurosurgery walker, a leading expert of spinal Department of Neurosurgery, Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, Department of Neurosurgery director Feng Jian by spine team guest at the CCTV "the road to health" column. Following the increase of Professor Wu Hao, director of Feng Jian together tells "save" bow ", the Xuanwu Hospital Department of Neurosurgery Professor Chen Zan tells spine" rescue "Beijing" paralysis "and a live demonstration of lumbar exercises and endoscopic lumbar surgery. Professor Chen Zan introduced the "Beijing paralysis" harm to human lumbar professor Chen Zan introduced early symptoms of lumbar disc herniation and ease the presentation of Professor Chen Zan self detection of lumbar disc herniation is caused by nerve compression method in conjunction with Professor Chen Zan rehabilitation teacher on-site guidance to exercise the protection of spinal lumbar exercises professor Chen Zan scene simulation of endoscopic lumbar as the first surgery in Department of Neurosurgery spinal sub professional departments, has made an indelible contribution to the spine Department of Neurosurgery Xuanwu hospital established, for the domestic development of spinal Department of Neurosurgery, Kan Feng director and his spine team increased over the years has been committed to the discipline construction and to promote spinal diseases patients with spinal diseases in spinal Department of Neurosurgery medical need Natural character. The director Feng Kan and his team to increase the "health" the road not only to the audience friends in daily life which hurt the spinal posture and provide the correct way of cervical and lumbar spine care, the more important is the use of CCTV platform to introduce social advantages in the treatment of spinal Department of Neurosurgery disease in the spinal column. At present, the number of patients with spinal diseases, but most patients do not know which department should be treated in spinal diseases, the diversity of the birth is a part of the patients did not make the best choice. But many patients do not understand is that spinal Department of Neurosurgery diagnosis in spinal disease, especially with other departments to match advantage, microsurgical technique in the surgical treatment. Microsurgical technique is a kind of operation for the patients with spinal diseases who need to be operated by the microscope under the condition of minimal trauma under the microscope. Microsurgical technique is a doctor of spinal nerve "unique cheats", because the spine neurosurgeon must first be a neurosurgeon, and whether it is education or a neurosurgeon in the long-term clinical practice, skull brain surgery has become deeply microscopic invasive every neurosurgeon "marrow", through every life Department of Neurosurgery surgery. On the basis of traditional department of Neurosurgery, the spinal column is used to preserve the advantages of spinal nerve protection in spinal surgery. For patients with spinal disease, regardless of which department to choose a doctor, its purpose is self-evident, is cure.相关的主题文章: