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A little information of the CEO internal letter: Chen Tong welcome to join together to do the phenomenal content platform Sina Technology News on October 28th afternoon, a bit of information today, the official news release, the original sina.com.cn editor in chief and vice president of millet Chen Tong joined a little information, some information for all staff CEO Lee sent the letter inside. In the letter, Li Ya said: "we look forward to the old Shen editor in chief Wu Chenguang under the assistance, lead content operations team, the ultimate pursuit of improving the quality of the content, and the integration of the algorithm and editing, technology and content of the roots, and the algorithms and technology team, and continuously promote the products together innovation." Li Ya also hopes that: "a joint effort of the staff, as well as ifeng.com, millet, OPPO and other strategic partners, with little information become a phenomenal content platform, interesting and useful material and products"." The following is a little information CEO Li Ya to all employees of the internal letter: to the letter of the whole staff – old Shen joined the To a little information of all staff: hello! Very pleased to announce a good news: Mr. Chen Tong, former vice president of the company (called "Jianghu old Shen") will be held next week, officially joined the little information, President, responsible for a little information content, PR, and product operations, report to me. Lao Shen will also serve as co president of Phoenix, Phoenix is responsible for the content of operations management, and strengthen cooperation with Phoenix’s business. Lao Shen will continue to represent millet as a little information director. Veteran in the Sina network portal, micro-blog social media, as well as the rich experience of millet smart terminal, which accumulated ecological insight and deep industry connections, will bring us great value. Let’s give a warm welcome to Mr. Chen Tong! Known as the godfather of the network news China old Shen, over the past ten years in a portal, blog, micro-blog model, is a model of innovation and perfection once half of the Internet, but also has a profound impact on several generations of users; as a technology driven mobile information platform, a little information from Dr. Zheng Zhaohui led a and jointly built by our staff, in many aspects of the product concept, core functions, user value, has become the era of artificial intelligence in the field of mobile information pioneers. Personalization has become the mobile reading times of the standard, but the intelligent recommendation algorithm and a simple combination of cultural entertainment to death, will use human inertia and human weakness, more and more efficient, to provide us with the so-called massive interesting but meaningless, but did not meet the interest value content. In the information age, it is important to choose not to provide what kind, relying solely on the algorithm according to the user’s browsing behavior history "recommendation", in providing massive interesting content extend the length of the consumer at the same time, is also increasingly closed, let reading, entertainment and vulgarization of mediocrity, essence is the invisible plunder of user attention and scarce precious time. So we advocate the concept of "private custom, value reading", through the global original organic search engine and search engine "interest engine", to encourage users to search, 8相关的主题文章: