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A hard not hard science fiction "come" – Sohu released technology first, have to admit, "come" is a slow and tedious story, full of surprises and burning brain on exploration of extraterrestrial life science fiction series. However, other types of film is not the same, it is not about how we defend the earth, and to combat those aliens, but give us such a problem: how do we and these seemingly peaceful aliens communicate? After all, like the movie "Star Trek" in the universe of machine translation, so far has not been invented. In this article, the author combines the theory of linguistics to explain the problem. The linguist Louise first contact with the alien "seven leg bucket" in the film, played by Amy Adams Louise is an outstanding professor of linguistics, often for the government to decipher some foreign insurgents video. At the beginning of the film, suddenly appeared in the world around a dozen large spacecraft broke her normal teaching life. They are made of materials that we don’t know, have a perfect hyperbolic profile, and hover over the ground. It is unbelievable, the spacecraft will be opening at the bottom of the day he opened two times, allowing people into it has internal gravity anomaly area, where humans can see who looks like an alien squid…… The aliens have seven long limbs, from the periphery to the central axis of convergence, hangs in a barrel, known as the "seven human limb barrel". They make a totally incomprehensible voice, naval officer Weber (Forest Whitaker) Louise to broadcast a recording from the aliens, and asked her to translate, at first Louise didn’t even know what kind of organs can produce such a sound. Although she was confused at first, after a variety of analysis, she finally decided to communicate with them by means of written symbols rather than words. The film alien spacecraft hovering in the air, like a huge arc sculpture which is also the best place to excellence from sublimation, we see Louise and his colleagues, including astronomer Ian (Jeremy Renner) tried to through data analysis of the "seven leg bucket" symbols to explain each a "seven leg bucket" expressed by the symbol is actually a sentence that has no beginning or end. From those places the finger like ink painting out of the arc line, each of its shape is actually a unit of meaning. In the end, Louise realized that the production of this kind of writing system, in fact, is because these seven barrels of time as a nonlinear variable. The film is similar to the "Mars rescue", is a scientific adventure creators. The subtle translation of the play brought success to the play. Linguistics deserves to be the core of the plot. When people all over the world understood the language of the seven limbs, they began to ask why they came to earth. The answer is in one fell swoop相关的主题文章: