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A hair dryer took 4 people to open the correct way to open the hair on the day of the incident two in the morning, Zhao returned home shampoo, hair dryer on the bed left to wash clothes. It wasn’t long before she saw smoke in the yard and the room burned. She quickly knocked on both sides of the door, let everyone escape as soon as possible. 3:30 or so, the fire was extinguished. Unfortunately, 4 people were killed in the fire, but also caused more than $one hundred thousand loss. Zhao said that the hair dryer is that she bought from a market, there is no invoice, do not remember the specific brand. According to the identification of the prosecution, the blower line two times the fuse. It can be determined that when the fire is in the power of the state. 22, 2009, the case in the drum tower court hearing. Prosecutors believe Zhao alleged fire, the proposed sentencing 4 to 6 years. The blower fire thing has been It is often seen. (1) hair dryer on the sofa in the sitting room was burned: Aunt Zhang Guangdong Zhongshan Dongfeng Town, with 3 grandchildren at home. That night, Zhang aunt first great grandson bath, after washing, Zhang aunt took good electrical contact with hair dryer open on the sofa in the living room, charge their grandson hair dried, then went into the bathroom and helped another two grandson bath. After all, such as Aunt Zhang aunt turned into the bathroom, playing on the phone to go, 15 minutes later, Zhang aunt smell the smell of coke ran out of the living room sofa was found to be fierce combustion. After investigators investigation, identified as the cause of the fire on the sofa placed on the hair dryer, facing the fabric sofa for a long time, high temperature and high temperature, resulting in high temperature cloth sofa heat and fire. (2) hair dryer to coax socks, the sisters were all burned in Suzhou, a girl in the morning after getting up, with a hairdryer on the bed baking socks. Who knows, the strong power of the hairdryer will soon ignite the quilt, not only his left leg serious burns, but also in the quilt of the three month old brother caused a third degree burns, reproductive organs are almost burned. In fact, if there is no overheating protection device hair dryer, in the drying of cotton cloth, just 8 seconds, the cotton cloth temperature rose rapidly from room temperature to 200 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius, then began to smoke and accompanied by mars. The power of the blower is larger, the heating is fast, the temperature of the air outlet is still very high after the blowing of the hair every day, and if the utility model is not put into a closed drawer or put together with other combustible materials, the utility model is easy to cause fire. When the blower is used, it should be placed for a moment. On the hair dryer you must know 1, buy hair dryer, the choice of formal channels, well-known brands of products, buy overheating protection function (a high temperature will automatically stop) hair dryer. 2, use the hair dryer, people can not leave, not just on the stool, sofa, mattresses and other combustible material. 3, a long time do not use hair dryer, in order to avoid high temperature burn caused by fire wire. 4, as far as possible not to blow. The air blowing into the tail into hair, hair can easily be caught up. There have been news reports, the 23 year old Ms. Xie finished first love learn hairdresser appearance, with a hair dryer blow out the root of the wind, fluffy hair. May this day, even to a hair dryer on the left side of her way, and the scalp was torn with a diameter of 3 cm, 4! Inverted blowing useful相关的主题文章: