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A good [in] Canada – Airport – Sohu tourism hot August, went to the students to enter Canada during the peak period, going abroad for the first time you are for the entry formalities complex and anxious? Do you know the "rules" of the airport? Today (in a small good field force in Uhouzz) exhausted as we carefully combed the students read the following entry for the airport, mom, don’t have to worry about you being a Sir customs buckle to the stockade. First of all, welcome to this beautiful place in canada! So, how to handle customs formalities at the airport? After the plane landed smoothly, first you have to be ready to fill in the "E311 card" (DeclarationCard), the flight attendant will be issued to you during the flight. When getting off the plane, be sure to have your passport and immigration and customs declaration card E311 card"! Please fill in the following chart (1) hand passport and E-311 declaration card, follow the signs to the visitor channel, to the entrance hall queue. (two) in the first CBSA window ("First Discussion Point"), the border officials will check you to Canada or the subject of identity, such as tourism, business, study, visit etc.. Most of the students are to study, it should always be ready to provide relevant documents, such as Acceptanceletter, registration letter, etc.. Students for the first entry, you will be here in exchange for their study permit study permit, but this important document Oh, it is directly related to the legitimacy of your studying in Canada, so it must be preserved, or directly nailed on the passport visa page! CBSA officials usually ask questions, such as what school to study, what major, the date of school. These problems can be prepared in advance about how to say in English, don’t because of the language barrier showed nervous or upset, be confident and generous, with good sunshine smile to answer truthfully! (three) through the first pass, but also happy to get the study permit. But do not be happy too early, because from here to go out of the airport lobby, it is still possible to accept CBSA random checks. If the items are detected and the actual declaration does not match, you may face penalties. Now we Chinese like to carry large amounts of cash and do not declare, resulting in the Chinese become the focus of spot checks. Here small make up a special reminder, the amount of more than ten thousand Canadian dollars, should take the initiative to declare truthfully to the customs, explain the reasons to avoid being punished or adverse consequences. (four) to check baggage collection, according to the computer screen to find the corresponding flight luggage carousel. From the baggage, it is necessary to check the baggage number, some luggage, easy to get wrong, the best on the box marked or write your name. Even if it is lost, it can be easily found. Xiao Bian special reminder相关的主题文章: