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A four year old boy " day; "   are long-term mouth breathing trouble — Sichuan channel — people.com.cn original title: four year old boy grew up " day " are long-term mouth breathing trouble teeth "day" night sleep small Xin four year old, he is very dignified and strong love is for you. However, with the small Xin grew up, his teeth are more and more irregular, mandibular forward gradually mutated into the commonly known as the "day", because of the small Xin family members do not have a similar situation, it can not help but wonder parents small xin. Let them worry about is that small Xin not have good sleep at night, toss about always awake, sometimes snoring. The doctor later discovered that the original is the child of adenoid hypertrophy leads to difficulty breathing, so always wide open mouth breathing, gradually leading to the above problems. "It’s all a mouth breathing, if it’s all right."." Xiao Xin dad said with regret. When the original small Xin a few months old, grandmother found him wrong, always sleeping with his mouth open and purred. With small Xin parents said later, young parents think the child is this habit, also did not pay attention to. Until the small Xin long to four years old, the "day" has become more and more serious, only to take him to the hospital. As with the small Xin, Zhang Lele is a mouth, only 6 years old, he has the weight to 100 pounds, but also very big temper, unhappy things will fall hit. After a medical examination, found that only 60% of aerobic oxygen, while the average person will have a sense of suffocation below 85%. Because Lele serious hypoxia, has affected his temperament. Mouth breathing will be a serious impact on intelligence, it is understood that the mouth closed normal breathing through the nose, tongue, then naturally at the top of the mucosal folds on the palate. The tongue and mouth breathing, after sinking to open the mouth channel, should go down if things go on like this, the development of mandible (commonly known as Chin), prone to deformity. "The children of 4-6, are often prone to adenoid and tonsil hypertrophy, nine into outpatient mouth breathing children, are the causes, boys are more likely to get multiple." Shangdong Province-owned Hospital, said Yu Zhaoyan, an expert on the throat, adenoid inflammation due to repeated stimulation of the pathological proliferation occurred, resulting in nasal obstruction, only mouth breathing. According to reports, the child will appear if things go on like this "adenoid face", appeared irregular arrangement of teeth, malocclusion, high arched palate and narrow dental arch, if not corrected will look more ugly. In addition, due to the long abandoned nasal cavity, can cause nasal atrophy, puberty prone to stubborn rhinitis, mandibular deformity can lead to adult intractable snoring." Yu Zhaoyan said. "Always open mouth breathing, serious will affect the child’s hearing and mental development." Department of ENT, Second Hospital of Shandong University, chief physician Zhang Hui said, she once accepts a lecture to hear the child, because long-term mouth breathing leads to hearing loss. And if long-term respiratory failure caused by hypoxia, but also cause mental retardation in children. Most home相关的主题文章: