A figure reveals the whole process of wine production sopor aeternus

A diagram reveals the whole process of production Wine lead: a map for the production process of the Wine your secret. (source: red wine world network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! The first step: material selection of small basket to pick picking and transport of grapes, fresh grapes can be avoided by squeezing broken skin. Grape leaves will be damaged, with ripe or rotten grapes together, be eliminated through selection in taiwan. The second step: to cut the skin of the grape quality through the transmission belt into the press, press to stem. According to the different types of grapes, the press and the stalk can be properly adjusted by keeping more stems, leaving most grapes intact. The third step: after the alcohol fermentation squeeze the stem, grape juice and grape skin will be pumped into the fermentation tank. Barrel fermentation can be mixed with mud ponds, can also be oak barrels, but the most common is the stainless steel barrel. Fermentation, alcohol content, sugar content decreased, accompanied by carbon dioxide production. In this process, the winemaker can speed up or slow down the fermentation process by controlling the temperature. The fourth step: the carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation of the skin will cause the grape skin and grape stem to float, and form the cap on the top of the grape juice". "Cap" can prevent excessive contact with oxygen in grape juice. By pressing the "cap" to stir, that is, to prevent the overflow of grape juice, grape juice can also be extracted from the skin more phenolic substances, such as tannin, etc.. The fifth step: malic acid – lactic acid fermentation once after alcoholic fermentation, winemakers can select into lactic acid bacteria to Wine malolactic fermentation, and soften the taste, increase Wine flavor etc.. The sixth step: Wine for old aging was transferred to the container, such as a small oak barrels. The residue remaining after fermentation will be pressed again, and a basket press will be used to further extract tannin and to produce a squeeze. This wine can be sold separately or in fermented wine to increase the complexity and richness of the wine. The seventh step: for barrel filter oak ageing time is generally 18 months. In this process, Wine will have a certain degree of evaporation, so you can end early aging process. For these things is often a barrel. On the one hand, to prevent some in barrels of unwanted substance; on the other hand, for the floating barrel can filter out the wine in the wine. The ideal filtration clarifier is gel, clay or egg white. The eighth step: deployment is selective. Winemakers can choose directly bottled personal hobbies, can also choose to deploy with other Wine after bottling. The ninth step: in a bottle Wine bottle is usually placed in the wine aged, especially some high quality red Wine. In a bottle the length of time depends on the winemaker. The tenth step: labeling listed on the distribution before the sale, will Wine labeling case or foil sealed bottle, a bottle cork and protection, protection. When everything is ready, we can ship it on sale.相关的主题文章: