A cat car CEO Wang Huiyu to spend 100 million support from the media invictus gaming

A cat car CEO Wang Huiyu to take 100 million support from the media in June 27, 2016, a cat car network "cat tea salon was held in Beijing, the famous business incubator 3W cafe. From the car, the well-known media and media people gathered together to discuss the "vertical media convergence era has come" industry hot topic. In salon activities, a cat network founder CEO Wang Huiyu MTU new media strategy released. Vertical media convergence era has arrived, the advent of the era of vertical media convergence." IResearch consulting Automotive Research Center in charge of Cao Yang’s big data validate the idea of using moxa. Data show that in April 2016, the number of monthly coverage of TOP15 media platform, the establishment of a few years polymerization media platform up to five, and in March 2012 to create today’s headlines more strong among the top three, reaching 38 million 796 thousand and 400 coverage and far exceeds the development of nearly 20 years of Sina, NetEase and other well-known traditional media.   (Cao Yang, head of the Automotive Research Center), "the achievement of a cooperative group can go beyond a group of ambitious individuals." Cao Yang analysis, polymerization class platform has begun to change the traditional media organization, and bring more traffic into. The fundamental reason is that the explosive growth of the media, so that the polymerization, the development trend of the platform is more obvious. At the same time, analysts believe that the future of vertical media mobile terminal potential. Data show that in 2015 the mobile client open rate of 3.67 days. Vertical media mobile end user stickiness, high-quality vertical content is the key to retain users, will bring tremendous business value to the media.   a cat "MTU" as a new media strategy to   "new car sales" as the starting point of the eco car electricity supplier, auto-1mo network focused on "information service" and "transaction" two big business, to form a "one-stop O2O mode information + Guide + mall + line shop". This time, by a cat network founder Wang Huiyu CEO released MTU new media strategy, it is based on user needs change, a new upgrade of information services. (a cat car network founder, CEO Wang Huiyu)   so-called "MTU" that is "MGC+TGC+UGC" three content generation. A cat car network founder, CEO Wang Huiyu said, "MGC" for media content production, understand a cat on the future development trend of automobile network media should return to the "valuable information", but the production of content editing and now consists of a cat’s own is different, a cat car will be through the "original + polymerization" the way to provide more timely, more communication, more extensive coverage of news content, to better meet the needs of users to obtain information. The "TGC" for the product trainer to produce content. TGC new content for the shopping guide section. We believe that, in addition to the media information, users need to purchase a more professional car shopping guide. For users, the most professional interpretation, than the manufacturer’s product trainer. I believe they can make the product.相关的主题文章: