9.7 inch official turn ipadpro shelves prices are still high cold christie stevens

Electronic products 9.7 inches iPadPro price is still high on the official turning cold Apple has always been a popular product in the secondary market, in addition to affordable, user experience is not like Android devices that over one or two years experience recently dropped significantly, official website of the United States unexpectedly appeared over the official version of iPad  Pro (9.7 inches), but the price is a little high cold. The official replica iPad  Pro American shelves (picture taken from cnBeta) before Apple began to hit the shelves over the official version of iPhone  6S mobile phone, the response is good, the other is more practical than buying second-hand platform. The United States sold 9.7 inches over the official version of iPad  Pro  32GB entry version is about 3500 yuan, 600 yuan cheaper than new, top version 256GB renovation price about 5400 yuan cheaper than new, about 950 yuan. In fact, compared to the new equipment, the official renovation is not very favorable, but Apple’s official definition of refurbished equipment is: after a comprehensive test of   (including the full aging test). The defective modules are found in the test and are replaced with replacement parts. After thorough cleaning process and inspection. Re packaging   (including the product manuals, wiring, new packaging, etc.). Contains the operating system initially equipped with the device or, in some cases, an updated version of the system. Through the final   QA  after the inspection, will be placed in the sale of refurbished products inventory. In addition, refurbished products also support a one-year warranty, so the price is higher than the secondary market is fully understandable.相关的主题文章: