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Travel-and-Leisure Malaysia is no wonder the most renowned tourism destination of Southeast Asia. It is one of the progressive countries and is visited by thousands and hundreds of tourists from all over the world. It is home to many exciting touristic spots and attractions that make Malaysia truly an incredible country, ideal for enjoying fascinating experiences. Studded with rich and vast tracts of rain forests, exciting sightseeing places, rich and globally renowned cuisines, Malaysia is truly a place worth visiting to enjoy holidays and tours with friends and families. It is one of the exciting touristic spots where tourists can savour exciting holidays and tours with awe-inspiring experiences. Some of the alluring touristic spots that are worth to visit and explore during holiday in Malaysia are Cameroon Highlands If you are tired from the hustle and bustle of the city life, Cameroon Highlands in Malaysia is sure to give you relief from all. Endowed with the sheer beauty of the nature and vast stretches of the tea gardens, Cameroon Highlands is sure to make to make the tour more interesting and fascinating. Some of the interesting sightseeing spots that are worth to visit and explore during Cameroon Highlands are Bala Holidays Chalet, Cameroon Highlands Golf Course, Ringlet, Tringkap, Bertam Valley, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja. These are some of the exciting and alluring sightseeing spots that make tours to Cameroon Highlands more interesting and alluring. Taman Negara National Park Established in the Titiwangsa Mountains, in Malaysia Taman Negara National Park is one of the most sought after touristic destination in Malaysia. Taman Negara National Park was first established as King George V National Park and after the independence it was renamed. Since then the park is known as Taman Negara National Park which in Malaya language means National Park. Today the park has turned into the famous ecotourism destinations in Malaysia. Mount Kinabalu Malaysia Travel Packages also take you to Mount Kinabalu. It is globally famous as the most sought after destination as it has tremendous biological and botanical bio-diversity. It is truly an exciting place to visit as nature lovers can truly experience the splendour of the Mount Kinabalu in all its surrounding, where 300 different ferns and almost 326 different species of birds can be seen. These are some of the exciting and alluring attractions that are worth to visit and explore. Talking more about holiday in Malaysia, one can also visit to many exciting places of tourist interest. Penang is also worth visiting as this region is highly visited by the tourists all the year round. The fusion of the east and the west and the heritage monuments, etc all Make Penang the most sought after destination that is worth to visit during Malaysia tours. Penang Tour Packages offer wonderful opportunity for tourists to see wonderful attractions that include Chinese Temples, Clan Temples, Heritage Sites, Islands, Penang Bridge, Wat Chaiyamangkalaran Temple, the Dharmikarama Burmese Temple and the Tua Pek Kong Temple. Come and explore Malaysia also called Truly Asia and take back home incredible memories to relish in forever. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: