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UnCategorized "Just keep on keeping on" is a motto that is easier said than done. There is more to successful goal attainment than gritting your teeth and bearing down with steady intensity as you forge ahead. You must be persistent in order to realize the successful achievement of any of your goals. But before you gain the necessary resolve that it takes you will need to do 4 things first. Begin With The End In Mind Think about the reward. Is what you are going after worth the price that you will have to pay? If it is how long do you anticipate the whole process taking? When you do ac.plish your goal in what way will your life improve? Who else will benefit? Answering these types of questions will give you a clear picture of what your life will be like once you obtain what you want. This type of clarity gives you diligence in doing the work. Create a Solid Plan Once you have your end-game established then move on to creating a plan. Set some work goals. If you plan on losing 25 pounds in 12 months then your work goals may include task similar to these: Walk for 60 minutes 5days a week. Consume less than 2,000 calories a day. And drink eight glasses of water daily. Next you need to work out a plan that will allow you to ac.plish your daily, weekly, and monthly work goals. Take Breaks After phases of hard work you’ll need to take breaks. Schedule them in in advance. Advance planning of your breaks removes the temptation to rationalize and take time off even when you really don’t deserve it. The best way to do it is reward your self after hitting milestones or after successfully taking consistent action over a predetermined amount of time. Taking breaks will put wind in your sails and give you the power to endure. They make you stronger over the long haul. Believe You Will Succeed Have confidence that you will succeed. See yourself ac.plishing your goals. Visualize crossing the finish line victoriously. When your journey seems the toughest increase your resolve by focusing on what you want, See your self in possession of your goal. Know that if you continue to work your plan you will receive what you want. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: