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Home-and-Family Why would you want to wear an opal ring? – They are the showiest among the many jewelry available in the market. – They attract good fortune, even perhaps for a special someone. – They symbolize honor, hope and happiness. – They are simply beautiful. It will make any normal looking woman seems more attractive. For thousands of years, opal rings are highly esteemed and coveted for their opalescence. They adorn our fingers if we want to feel beautiful, if we want to attract success or if they were given by people we value. The beauty of the opal more profound when we think it can give us these things. The centerpiece is the major consideration when choosing a fine opal ring. Your personal style and preference will be the ultimate deciding factor why you will choose black, fire, blue over white or boulder. Just remember that the stone should be blazing with colors. Diamonds have 4Cs, so do opals. Similarly, they are graded four ways, according to colors, shape, pattern and clarity (diamonds have color, carat, clarity and cut). However, shape, pattern and colors are not really major factors in purchasing a gemstone because a buyer will exercise his personal choice most of the time. Oftentimes, we choose our favorite shape, color and patterns of opalescence regardless of what jewelers would suggest. But, you cannot ignore how clarity factors in. Bear in mind that inadequate clarity will mean unimpressive color play and ultimately, these stones will make unappealing opal rings. For would be fiancs, if you are eyeing an opal engagement ring, you are thinking right! They are splendid as engagement rings. Just make sure you select an opal that includes your loved one’s favorite colors. Choose gemstones with domed tops to intensify the color and clarity. As stressed before, only opals with superb clarity will do if you want a fantastic ring. When you find the right opal, the next thing to do is finding the .plementing metal setting. Here are some general guidelines: – If you have black opals, best to set them in silver-like toned metals such as white gold, platinum and sterling silver. – If you have white opals, yellow gold is a fantastic setting. – If you have boulder opals, yellow or white gold will look great as settings. Getting the perfect opal for your ring can call for a lot of effort. Finally finding the one is so worth it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: