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Arts-and-Entertainment I know that you’ve heard of Michael Myers. He is the masked maniac from the Halloween movie franchise with a love for killing bad kids and babysitters. Influenced by a Canadian film called Black Christmas, Halloween is credited with propelling the slasher move franchise to new heights. The mask has be.e an iconic symbol. There is also more than one to choose from. Classic Mask – In the original Halloween movie the Michael Myers mask was nothing more than a modified William Shatner mask. Today it is still sold and continues to be a top seller around Halloween. and is the best looking of all the masks. The mask usually has the hair already attached as well so there is no need to buy a wig. Variations – Throughout the Halloween movie series the masks worn by Michael Myers have gone through a metamorphosis of sorts. the only exception was Halloween III: Season of the Witch where Michael only appeared in one shot and that was on a TV showing the original Halloween. If you’re a big fan of Halloween you can always modify the classic mask to the way it was in your favorite film. There is also a mask that already has "blood" painted on that is suppose to resemble a head wound. Costume And Accessories – Although you can buy a .plete costume, most people do not bother because the Myers character simply wore overalls most of the time. That said, you can even wear the mask with something as different as a suit if you want! I have seen this done and it looks quite good. Some stores may give you a rubber knife to .plete the look. This mask and costume is quite provoking generally so be prepared for some "challenging" .ments from people who meet, even total strangers. I do not re.mend this mask or costume for children. Painting dark circles around your eyes gives you a certain level of authenticity as well. You rarely, if ever see the eyes of Michael Myers so this may be something to consider. There is also the option of wearing dark contacts but the dark paint should suffice. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: