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College-University It is said that do not go where the path leads; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. It simply means be a leader and lead the people to the actual destination. Everyone does not have leadership traits. The one which has is always a proper vision and a clear horizon with motivational factor. In this domain, authentic leadership development is one of the vital points which lead the way of terminus and hope of courage. True authentic leaders dont involve in leadership activities for some position, integrity, prestigious or other personal rewards. In fact they lead from a persuasion and have a mission which they want to promote. They engross in leadership in order to promote this cause. There are some basic .ponents of an authentic leadership development . For instance: positive moral perspective, positive psychological capital, leader self-regulation, leadership processes/behaviors and followers of self-awareness/regulation. In this scenario a good leader usually has very strong objectives in his minds for the betterment of their followers and also to lead them in a positive way. In this regard the very foremost is to permit followers to .prehend their leadership journeys and their crucibles through framing their life stories and experiences to date. Self-awareness is the most important thing for a true leader to ac.plish his tasks. To gain lucidity about their leadership principles, values, and ethical boundaries is also play central role that how they will respond under pressure when severely challenged. What is appealing them, both extrinsically and innately, and also to catch leadership tracks that will enable them to consume their inspired .petences. How to build support teams and lead a unified life is also in the mind of a true leader. To generate a Personal Leadership Development Plan for the guidance throughout the life. Due to Global Village the world is changing and .petition is all around us. So the need for authentic leaders is more significant than ever before. If youre in position of power, ask yourself the question: you are doing the right things in right way?Are you in a position to serve or be served? Expectantly your answers are doing the right thing and to serve your modules. One of the best examples is, of Herb Kelleher, the former CEO of Southwest Airlines. Once he was asked that which one is the most important, the shareholders or the employees. His reply was that the employees .e first. And if they are treated right, they treat the outside world right, the outside world uses the departments product again, and that makes the shareholders glad. He further said that this is theapproach, it works and its not a puzzle at all. Therefore, if you want to be an authentic leader then looks at your own sphere of inspiration, whenever youre about to promote someone, ask yourself such questions. Does he have concern for others? He can influence the followers? Will this person bend the truth for his/her own benefit? Or simply is he a man of veracity? If one is enable to reply such quires to himself, he truly has the qualities of an authentic leader. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: