80f The Core .ponents Of The Electric Car Battery Rely On Imports-魔界骑士イングリッド

Automobiles The future of new energy vehicles gradually replaced traditional gasoline car has be.e the consensus of countries in the development of the automobile industry, as the core .ponents of the power battery, businesses and investors are more optimistic to them. However, the core .ponent of China power battery is still dependent on a large number of imports, the core technology research and development behind the developed countries. "More than 80% of China core .ponent of the new energy vehicle power battery rely on imports" Zhang Xiaoyu, executive president of the China Machinery Industry Federation recently said. He said currently electric vehicles are the subject development of new energy vehicles in China, and key technologies of electric vehicles include batteries, electrical and electronic control three parts, of which battery is the most central parts. In the research and development in these areas, China has not got to the stage of industrialization. China are researching and developing in these aspects, which has not got to the stage of industrialization. Unfortunately, more than 80% of the core .ponents of power battery positive and battery separator need to import. There are Insiders pointed out that At present, not only part of the motor, battery of parts and materials need to be imported, at the same time, the controller of the underlying hardware, chip, high-speed CAN gateway and signal processing amplifier parts rely on imports too; The high import rate of Power battery core .ponents has brought a warning for the development of new energy vehicles in China. The root reason of high import rate of the core .ponents caused by there is a certain gap between domestic overall industrial manufacturing level and developed countries. Manufacturing key .ponents of power battery has high requirements for production stability and production accuracy of the relevant equipment. The vast majority of domestic enterprises production line cant be fully automated high-precision production. The biggest problem of domestic enterprises in the battery cathode materials and membrane production is that product is low quality, there are still large gaps with advanced enterprise of the United States, Japan and other countries in mass production capability. Currently, from the direction of development, electric vehicles divided into pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, China’s automobile industry has shown three areas to keep pace with the trend. The hybrid car is the best transitional product, pure battery car is the future direction of development, its core technology is a breakthrough in battery technology. Insiders pointed out that the future .petition between car manufacturers mainly is power battery performance of .petition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: