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UnCategorized Heartburn affects about one in four to five people at least once a week. Dealing with the effects of heartburn varies from person to person depending on the level and frequency of attack. There are a lot of facts and figures available however, what’s fact and what’s myth? Let’s examine some of the myths and facts on heartburn/reflux. The Foods You Eat Cause Heartburn? The truth is that some of the foods you eat can induce symptoms but for many sufferers, heartburn/reflux is a constant no matter what they eat. In those instances, the problem is more than likely medically related and will require a visit to your doctor. Another myth is to think you cannot control the effects of heartburn. Many people seem to accept heartburn as a way of life that’s .pletely out of their control. This is crazy. There is no need to suffer alone. Correct management .bined with some changes in diet and lifestyle can have a positive effect for most sufferers. Is Heartburn A Minor Condition? While it’s a .mon .plaint it’s folly to suggest heartburn/reflux and it’s associated symptoms should be dismissed as minor. Ask a chronic sufferer if it’s minor. Sure, most of us will experience the occasional symptoms but if you suffer from attacks at least twice a week then you’ll know how it can severely disrupt your quality of life. Unchecked, heartburn could lead to other medical .plaints. Did You Know? GORD (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease) can impact significantly on your quality of life. Heartburn/reflux symptoms experienced more than twice a week may in fact suggest you have GORD. Untreated, it could lead to more extreme .plications. Antacids vs. Medications – What’s The Best Solution? Many sufferers think antacids are the best solution for heartburn/reflux. Not true. Antacids certainly have their role to play but more along the lines of relieving the occasional .plaint. For twice a week or more sufferers, see your doctor immediately as the underlying trigger for your condition may be medically related. Many sufferers refrain from going down the medication route because there is a suggestion it may affect their stomach acid levels. Again, this is an area your doctor can clear up for you. Your stomach has enormous capacity to continue to produce enough levels of acid to make food digestion .fortable even if you are taking medication to reduce it. Enzymes work in conjunction with stomach acid to break down food so lack of digestive power shouldn’t be a factor. For many heartburn/reflux sufferers the thought of taking medication to keep symptoms at bay may seem a little drastic. There seems to be a propensity by people to "toss" the medication once they are feeling better. Fact is that continual sufferers will continue to experience symptoms and if the medication has been prescribed by your doctor as part of your management plan, why not "stick with the plan." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: