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.puters-and-Technology What businessperson hasn’t been on a conference call? When immediate calls to multiple employees or co-workers is vital, there can be no doubt this type of call can be a lifesaver. Without the seemingly ever-present telephones with a conference bridge that connects two lines at once, modern business would be at a standstill. The conference call is exactly what the name implies. It is a telephone call – usually a meeting – that acts as such. Say the Santa Fe branch of your .pany is expanding and you need to talk with all of the branch employees. With a bridge, each employee’s phone line is connected to your telephone. Now you can talk, and all of them can listen. The phrase, "you’re just a phone call away" takes on a whole new meaning. So, what is this mysterious and magical conference bridge? Like the Brooklyn Bridge, connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn, a bridge takes two separate calls and connects them. The bridge is the device, usually inside the telephone, that acts as that "line bridge." The bridge has been around for decades. Since the inception of conference calls, the technology used to connect the lines has evolved. The world’s first WiFi video bridge was unveiled in Seoul, Korea in March of 2009. The bridge used is set up right inside the phone. The vital role this technology plays in the business world is intense and almost overwhelming. Think about where the biggest corporations would be without the use of a conference call? Even small .panies depend on bridges to keep the business running smoothly. In today’s business climate, being ready for anything is necessary to keep afloat. The social climate is in a constant state of flux; and the market changes just as quickly as public taste. Just like news stories, what is Earth-shattering news today is on page 7 tomorrow. Where will conference bridge technology be in five years; even in one year it’s bound to evolve to something unrecognizable. Today, the next big thing in bridges is video conference calls; specifically, calls that can be viewed on 3G cell phones. What this means is that the camera used to take snapshots will soon be.e a video camera that, with the use of a bridge built into the phone, can transmit your picture, as well as your voice, to countless others who are sharing the call. The way technology changes so fast can be make you feel confused, and, yes, foolish. It seems like it was yesterday that people were getting frustrated with programming the clock on their VCR. Now the problem is getting the internet to work on your cell phone. It’s certainly .e a long way in the past five years. What will tomorrow bring for the conference bridge? A bridge that allows sensation, perhaps. Or one that lets you share fondue. The possibilities are only limited by the creativity and ingenuity of the people who, consistently and steadily, have created technology that is subtle and nondescript. Yet, the business world would collapse without it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: