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educate faculty Certified Finance Planners Help In Achieving Specific Financial Goals By Their Expertise Posted By: IIFPINDIA Financial planning is the key for success in all organizations and businesses. An effective financial plan outlines the strategies that are required to fulfill the business objectives. As these plans make the organizations profitable they are categorized into three parts to maintain the efficiency. The first section deals with the strategic role of financial management followed by its objectives and lastly comes the planning cycle. The time period of the plans should also be defined in order to target all the business activities in its accordance. Certified finance planner-the process behind A lot of hard work and dedication is put behind by the individuals who carry out the task of financial planning in organizations. To become a certified finance planner the individuals have to complete the CFP course which is administered by the Financial Planning Standards Board in India which functions as an affiliate of the US based body. The individuals have to adhere to the code of conduct and ethics that are laid down by the board. The extensive ten hour exam is based on multiple choice questions that are divided into one session of four hours and two sessions of three hours each.

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JTS Institute Reviews Ias Prelims Sample Question Paper: Solved Question Paper Posted By: pandiyanpvp IAS prelims exam was conducted by UPSC on 26 May 2013 (Sunday). The exam has 2 papers Paper 1 and paper 2(CSAT). One can find here the solved paper 2. The paper has 80 questions. The questions are MCQs and objective by nature. You can find the answer to each question at the end of the solved question paper. The Civil Services expert team of has done its best to provide the correct answers to all questions. In case you find any discrepancy, kindly let us know. Paper II- (200 marks) Duration: Two hours Comprehension Interpersonal skills including communication skills; Logical reasoning and analytical ability Decision-making and problem-solving General mental ability Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude, etc.) (Class X level), Data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc. – Class X level) English Language Comprehension skills (Class X level). Questions relating to English Language Comprehension skills of Class X level (last item in the Syllabus of Paper II) will be tested through passages from English language only without providing Hindi translation thereof in the question paper. The questions will be of multiple choices, objective type.
Civil Service Exam Question Paper Understanding Minorities Diversity Jobs Posted By: john roos Organizations, job banks and career sites dedicated to helping ethnic groups, minorities, veterans, and people with disabilities find jobs, recognition, scholarships, and more. When managed the right way, diversity helps companies avoid that innovation-killer called group-think, which locks employees into one way of thinking and stifles the ability to compete. Let’s take a look at Minorities Diversity Jobs and the important part they play in today’s workplace.Study after study has shown that diversity improves customer focus, spurs creativity and innovation, and leads to better decision-making and problem solving. Diversity management is a strategy that is intended to foster and maintain a positive workplace environment. The underlying principle of Minorities Diversity Jobs has to do with acceptance. While individuals retain their own sense of values and ethics, the professionals with Minorities Diversity Jobs encourage people to recognize that not everyone is alike. Rather than being intimidated or prejudiced by those differences, employees are encouraged to accept the fact that there are diverse interests, diverse values, and diverse physical and emotional characteristics present within the office environment. Further, the diversity present in the office does not have to hamper productivity or create conflict.
Minorities Diversity Jobs Minorities Diversity Jobs Posted By: john roos Managed well, diversity helps companies avoid that innovation-killer called group-think, which locks employees into one way of thinking and stifles the ability to compete. Study after study has shown that diversity improves customer focus, spurs creativity and innovation, and leads to better decision-making and problem solving. AND nbsp; Let’s take a look at Minorities Diversity Jobs and the important part they play in today’s workplace.Diversity management is a strategy that is intended to foster and maintain a positive workplace environment. Usually initiated by Human Resources professionals who hold positions within Minorities Diversity Jobs and are specially trained in the and managed by department heads and supervisors. Minorities Diversity Jobs are key to an effective diversity management program and will promote recognition and respect for the individual differences found among a group of employees. The idea of Minorities Diversity Jobs AND nbsp;is to encourage employees to be comfortable with diversity in the workplace and develop an appreciation for differences in race, gender, background, sexual orientation or any other factors that may not be shared by everyone working in the same area of the company.The underlying principle of Minorities Diversity Jobs, has to do with acceptance.
Minorities Diversity Jobs Forum Training – Benefits And The Role Of A Facilitator Posted By: Mark Cohen Training sessions are organized by corporate houses to hone employees’ decision making and problem solving abilities. Team leaders and managers are always there to find effectual solutions during business crisis but organizing forum training is imperative for maximum utilization of resources, improving productivity, knowledge sharing, and enhancing team skills. These learning programs are organized by companies to discuss critical business problems in an informal setting. Generally, the venue is offsite in a peaceful location. There are arrangements for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Current issues are discussed along with the solutions to a crisis situation. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of such training programs and the role of the facilitator. All Participants Get an Opportunity to Speak In a seminar or conference, all members do not get an opportunity to speak and express their views on a subject. In corporate forums, the facilitator ensures that every member is given a chance to speak. The facilitator plays a significant role in making management retreats successful. Even those who are introvert by nature are encouraged to communicate by asking questions and sharing opinions.

Forum Training Go Far With Benefits Of Global Uc Posted By: s.k With fast pace growth in the global economy and communication technologies, Unified Communications are strengthening its foot prints in all industry sectors and accruing multitude of benefits to companies and employees. Now many users have experienced that integration of unified communication with the business processes have been catalytic to employee productivity, direct time and financial savings. The Global UC is latest and an effective Unified Communications Solution using Microsoft® Lync"" Client that converge IP, voice conferencing, video conferencing, IP PBX Phone system, mobility, instant messaging and collaboration into single unified platform across different sites and locations. The state of the art architecture of Global UC offers stream of significant benefits: Reliability and Accessibility: Global UC is using Microsoft® Lync TM Server, which is globally acknowledged and appreciated. It is accessible at, can be operated with all the versions of Microsoft Lync clients and managed easily from nearly anywhere and anytime. Return on Investment: Global UC is cost effective when utilized for day to day operations of a company, can give substantial return of investment over long term.

IP PBX Phone system Bachelor Of Business Administration Courses From Manipal Jaipur University Posted By: Albert Disosa The Bachelor in Business Administration offered by Manipal University Jaipur was introduced to meet the demands of the corporate sector for trained professionals in sales, marketing and advertising. The career-focused curriculum, excellent facilities, and highly trained faculty all contribute to making your learning experience enjoyable as well as rewarding. On graduation you can expect to join the marketing team of leading business houses or advertising agencies BBA in Marketing:- The 3-year BBA in marketing course has been developed considering that theoretical knowledge as well as practical skill is needed to enter the industry. A Bachelor of Business Administration with a marketing concentration degree program may help students pursue jobs related to sales, marketing and advertising. A BBA with a marketing concentration degree program teaches foundational concepts like finances and accounting. The marketing aspect of the program focuses on advertising topics, like buyer behaviour, pricing theory, importing and exporting. BBA in Finance: – The 3-year BBA in finance course has been developed considering that theoretical knowledge as well as practical skill is needed to enter the industry.
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MBA in Finance Posted By: Anuj For many, "life is a game" may just be a proverb. Not for Sunith Menon. Sunith is one of those "unconventional" management students of SCMS-Cochin who come from an offbeat track, and go out to challenge and create new horizons in the corporate world. Sunith played his first video game in Class 2. But it was in Class 7 that he was introduced to a game called "Hitman Codename 47", and straightaway knew that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. "Everybody has a desire to do something that"s not possible in the real world. Some would like to be glorious warriors of the past, fighting epic battles. Some might like to be a prince who courts danger; some an ethical assassin; and some who might like a piece of action from the two World Wars. This is not possible in reality, but you can do it in a game. Gaming is the realization of your unreal fantasies.’ All very nice, one might say. But Gaming in B-school? Isn"t that taking things a bit too far? Gaming is for kids, not for adults. "Wrong," responds Sunith promptly.

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soccer coaching style How To Teach Your Child Resilience Posted By: Ann Conolly Resilience Techniques Resilience is not an inherent human trait and can be built through experiences. Here are a few things that you can teach your child to develop resilience in them: Decision Making and Problem Solving: Problems arise and decisions need to be made at every stage of our lives, no matter what the age. With a nimble mind, a child is more open and receptive to grasping these concepts and learning the skills. When the child is faced with a problem and needs to make a decision, encourage them by helping, supporting and guiding them to find a solution instead of providing them with a ready fix. This will also create a sense of confidence in the child. Discipline: It is normal for children to make mistakes, even when they try their best not to. In these situations, try to focus on teaching rather than punishing them. Encourage your child to see the learning they got from the mistake and nudge them to understand a better way of doing the same thing. Teach them the appropriate actions of apologizing when wrong. Discipline can be instilled in a compassionate way and avoid denigrating the child for their mistakes.

reading services Getting The Best Out Of A Job Interview Coach Posted By: The Job Interview Coach Job interviews are now becoming a complex activity with an intense competition for a few available jobs. There is no dearth of skilled personnel in the job market but the issue is of the quality of the candidate or job seeker for the concerned available job positions. A job interview coach is the best person to identify the areas in which the job seeker or candidate is lacking in and helping him in overcoming his or her weaknesses and helping them to strengthen their existing positive points. The services of an interview coach are now becoming an indispensable part of every job seeker who would like to get success in a job interview. A job interview coach is the right person to get the best result or to win in a job interview. Studies carried on the interview patterns revealed that around sixty percent of the applicants who attend an interview are eliminated at the interview stage itself. Research shows that a job interview coaching can really make a difference on the job prospects of the candidate.

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International Marketing Degree Job Profile Of Bank Manager Posted By: Nitin G The bank manager"s job is to set targets for the branch and make sure these targets are met; this lies in his effectiveness to be able to motivate his staff. He should be able to effectively communicate and understand the needs of the customers and then make an effort to meet these needs effectively. The business of banking rests on customers and the branch"s relationship with them; bank mangers spend a lot of time with customers, so a job profile of a manager in banks requires one to be a good communicator; patient and empathic listening followed by efficient and convincing solutions. Bank managers lead teams; their staff and this requires them to be good negotiators that help not just in problem solving, but also in effective decision-making. Strong and mutually satisfying relationships form the basis of progress in banking that involves long term dealings; it is a good bank manager’s job responsibility to ensure it. Leading teams and working in occupations like banking that involve a lot of public dealings also requires bank managers to be flexible and to be ready to positively and pro actively respond to changes from time to time.

bank managers Software Consulting Is The First Step Posted By: Mannu Software consulting and services cover the wide spectrum of innovative technology personnel across the board. Highly experienced skilled candidates will provide the help you require to develop and maintain your system and test your applications for all your IT specified needs. Intuitive technology software consulting using the latest programming techniques and high quality software and tools allow for an easy integration. Utilizing specialized tools of the trade, software consulting services offer clients state of the art technology, experience and expertise in personnel and systems. Hands of training and support serving municipal clients with specialized business process modeling, information technology staffing and system integrations will deliver the highest results possible. A wide array of data driven solutions are incorporated by talented engineers in diversified corporations for extreme innovative technology implementations. Decision making and problem solving techniques are used to produce the greatest satisfaction. Identifying and strategizing abilities are the core of our understanding technologies with our breakthrough visions and scientific development and understanding. Our software consulting staff is continuously growing with optimized knowledge keeping up with technology like the speed of light.

software consulting How To Prepare Csat Posted By: seo mavens CSAT INFO Aspirants for the civil services face a different pattern of examination from 2011. With the new format, candidates answer two objective type papers which are the general studies paper and the general aptitude paper. Consequently, the Civil Services preliminary examination will be referred to as Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT). There are no changes planned for the format of the main exam and interview. Both the papers of the CSAT will carry equal marks. It is completely transparent in terms of marks and has no disparity. With everyone preparing in a similar pattern, all students have equal opportunity in the exam.The benefit of introducing aptitude tests in the civil service exam is that it assesses logical reasoning and thinking performance. It is based on multiple choice questions answered in exam conditions. No subject influences, or can have an effect on an aptitude test. The emphasis will be on moral and ethical values, logical thinking and sensible decision making. With the implementation of the CSAT, it is possible to choose better and more competent civil servants who have the right aptitude. It will also bring the use of scaling systems to an end.

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