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UnCategorized There was a time when no one would even consider doing hair transplant surgery on younger men. It was agonizing for this group of young people because thinning, balding, and receding hairlines often started before they were out of their teens. Now the procedure is being opened to young men – but with restrictions. Because losing hair at such a very young age is very traumatic, hair transplant doctors do not like to go along with the patients’ snap decisions. After an in-depth consultation, the doctor will do everything in his power to put off the surgery. He will ask the patient to come back for a final consultation in six months or so. Many doctors will refuse to do immediate hair transplants if they are put to the test. There are big advantages to getting hair transplant surgery done under the age of 25. These patients are mostly healthy. They are not usually on any medications. They are mostly very optimistic and have the motivation needed to make the commitment for what may end up being lifelong treatment. When a young man has a hair transplant procedure, it can avoid many problems with low self esteem and lack of self confidence. With older men, the attitudes are already ingrained and it takes some doing to change them. If the hair restoration is started early enough, the young patient need never feel the stigma of being bald for very long at all. A doctor who is skilled in doing hair transplant procedures on young people will do some investigation before tackling such a project. He will ask to see members of the family to assess their hair loss and how the young person might inherit hair loss traits from the family. If family members cannot be present, the doctor might ask for photos. One trick of doctors, who work to give young people hair transplant surgeries, is to guide them in setting the hairline. A young person will usually want a fairly low hairline. He remembers the way it was just a few short years ago and wants to duplicate the image. A good hair transplant surgeon will discourage a low hairline. Instead, he will campaign for a higher hairline. There are several advantages to this. One is that, with less top hair to cover, more donor hair will be saved. Since the young patient will be dealing with this problem for a long time, this is a necessary consideration. When a hair transplant surgeon works with a higher hairline, he may get more fullness on top of the head because he has less to cover. This is not to say the young person will have a receding hairline when the procedure is complete; just that the hairline will not be as low. There is surely not a reason for young persons to enter adulthood without a full head of hair if they can have a hair transplant. This option is now open to most all of them. It is bound to cause many young men to feel very happy. About the Author: Jim Woodall, welcomes you to the Hair Transplant Website, much info, up to date videos and rss feeds at NO cost .jwoodl.com/hair-transplant also get 3 free mktg ebooks NO obligation at .freegiveaways.jwoodl.com/index.html Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: