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Self-Improvement How many times have you sat at your desk and pondered exactly what your next move should be? How many times have you KNOWN what your next move should be but still just sat there? More times than I can count I have had the deer in headlights thing happen to me. I know what I want to say and still, I sit there paralyzed. I keep making excuses as to why I am not moving forward. One of my favorite excuses is, "I’m still working on the missing pieces", or "It needs something more." No matter what I do, I never feel it is .plete enough or good enough. I am writing in present tense because IT STILL HAPPENS TO ME! I often find myself caught in .parison mode and all my past feelings and beliefs about myself surface. Things like, "I’m not smart enough," "I don’t have enough education," or "I’m a fraud." These are actual thoughts that STILL creep into my subconscious, and if I ALLOW them, they will creep into my life, on a professional and personal level. I’d like to tell you that, with a magic wand, all the feelings of inadequacy fade away, BUT that’s not going happen. But, what can happen if you are willing to work at it, is YOU CAN REPROGRAM your thoughts and it’s a very simple process that requires what I refer to as the 3 A’s. 1. Awareness 2. Acceptance 3. Alignment Awareness Before anything can change, you must be.e aware that it exists. Because the main theme of my business and my life is simplify, I keep it easy. When I sit paralyzed at my desk, I simply ask myself ,"What’s going on with me?" I keep a notebook and pen handy and write down all the thoughts that immediately flow into my head as I ask the question. Usually, I am quite familiar with the thoughts, BUT seeing them in print helps me adjust to them and eventually allows me to go to the next step… Acceptance Acceptance Let me be very clear here. Acceptance does not mean you agree with or condone the thoughts. It simply means you are willing to allow them to be. You remove any attachment to them. Think of yourself as the observer. You are watching yourself have the thoughts/feelings and you are NOT JUDGING! Have the mindset of radical acceptance. A phrase I am known for is, "IT IS WHAT IT IS!" Alignment The third step is alignment. This alignment refers to your PURPOSE, or your WHY, why you do what you do. I strongly encourage you to write out your PURPOSE STATEMENT or your WHY statement if you haven’t already done so. This is always going to be your point of reference. It’s your business GPS! All your thoughts and actions should always align with your PURPOSE statement. After you have done step 1 and 2, you must make sure you are lining up with your PURPOSE, your WHY. I do not believe you will ever fully eliminate all the past beliefs (I am living proof of that), but I do firmly believe that you can learn a way to work with them and find the ultimate success and happiness you desire. I am also living proof of that! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: