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Hongkong’s chief executive, who is not on behalf of the Hongkong riots: the social majority – Sohu Xinhua news agency in Hongkong in February 14, Hongkong chief executive Liang Zhenying said on the 14, the riots arrested persons involved in Mong Kok for unemployed, and many belong to some extreme political organizations, their political aspirations and political representation by way of violence, not the society of Hongkong miniature, can not represent the majority of the society. Liang Zhenying attended the 14 public events after meeting with the media, once again appeal to public opinion, especially the party, not for the violence and the motive behind the atrocities will excuse, reasonable, not for these people to whitewash the riots. Liang Zhenying said, the police has arrested 65 people, will continue to bring the people, bring them to justice. The force of any upgrading of equipment and manpower requirements, he will vigorously support, because there are people who used violence as a means to upgrade to express extreme political demands, the police must have sufficient manpower and equipment to cope with the new challenges. Liang Zhenying reiterated that there are reasons not event Party and college student organizations in society, in the case of a misguided statement inconsistent with the facts, there is a need for the government on different occasions, will continue development of events and through to the society clearly. On the same day, the Hongkong SAR Government Financial Secretary Ceng Junhua said in his blog post, violent riots far beyond the rule of law, and sincerely hope that people can participate in the evening in the riots. "If you choose to continue in a quagmire, eventually losing not only you, and you told me to defend Hongkong." Hold police major league 14 marched in support of the Hongkong police law enforcement, and calls for the government to punish the people involved in the riots in Mong kok. Major league convener Li Yan said? Occurred in Mong Kok and riots heartache sad, hope the police will be brought to justice in the mob that night.

香港特首:暴乱人士不代表香港社会大多数-搜狐新闻  新华社香港2月14日电 香港特区行政长官梁振英14日表示,涉及旺角暴乱的被捕人士多为无业,且不少属于一些极端政治组织,他们的政治诉求和以暴力表达政治诉求的方式,并非香港社会缩影,不能够代表社会大多数。   梁振英14日出席公开活动后会见传媒,再次呼吁社会舆论,尤其是政党,不要为这些暴力行为和背后动机开脱,将暴行合理化,更不要为这些暴乱人士涂脂抹粉。   梁振英说,警方至今拘捕65人,会继续缉拿有关人士,将他们绳之以法。警队任何有关提升装备和人手的要求,他会大力支持,因为有人用升级的暴力方式来表达极端政治诉求,警队必须有足够人手和装备应付这种新挑战。   梁振英重申,社会上有政党和大学生组织不知事件原因,在被误导的情况下发出不符事实的声明,政府有需要在不同场合,不断将事件的发展成因和经过向社会交代清楚。   同日,香港特区政府财政司司长曾俊华在其网志发表文章表示,旺角暴乱的暴力行为远远超越法治底线,衷心希望参与当晚骚乱的人能够悬崖勒马。“你们若选择继续泥足深陷,最终输掉的不只是你自己,还有你们口口声声要保卫的香港。”   撑警大联盟14日发起游行,支持香港警方执法,并要求特区政府严惩参与旺角暴乱的人士。大联盟召集人李?嫣表示,对发生在旺角的暴乱感到心痛及难过,希望警方将当晚参与的暴徒绳之以法。相关的主题文章: