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Shenzhen mountain Wutong Mountain core area of illegal passenger checked Shenzhen news network since the autumn picnic, Shenzhen tourists gradually increased, some tourists in the forest fire for illegal. Shenzhen Forestry Bureau in September 16th to carry out joint investigation and action, in the core area of Wutong Mountain scenic spot investigation, containment of two major forest fire hazards. Reporters learned that the Forest Public Security Bureau police and scenic area law enforcement team leaders at the scene of the two groups of illegal fire warning education, and the presence of the masses of the "People’s Republic of China Fire Law" and "public security penalties law" and other laws and regulations preach. The tourists have said by the education, not to defy the law, and that the propaganda drive around friends school law, to protect the forest resources safety. Forest police remind, according to "People’s Republic of China Fire Law" and "People’s Republic of China forest law" relevant provisions, violation of field fire will bear legal responsibility; once cause forest fire, constitute a crime, will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. The forest police station and the head of the law enforcement team of the scenic spot conducted a warning education to the two groups of illegal fire fighting tourists. (reporter Jie Shusen Ding Qinglin photo)

深圳梧桐山核心区登山客违法野炊被查   深圳新闻网讯 入秋以来,深圳登山游客逐渐增多,个别游客违规在林区生火野炊。深圳市林业局于9月16日开展联合查处行动,在梧桐山风景区核心区域现场查处、遏制了两起重大森林火险隐患。   记者了解到,森林公安分局民警和风景区执法队负责人现场对两群违规用火的游客进行了警告教育,并对在场群众进行了《中华人民共和国消防法》和《治安处罚法》等法规的宣讲。游客们纷纷表示受到了教育,不会再以身试法,并表示会宣传带动身边的朋友学法守法,共同保护我市森林资源安全。   森林公安提醒,根据《中华人民共和国消防法》和《中华人民共和国森林法》有关规定,违规野外用火将承担法律责任;一旦造成森林火灾,构成犯罪的,将依法追究刑事责任。   森林公安分局民警和风景区执法队负责人现场对两群违规用火的游客进行了警告教育。 (记者 解树森 丁庆林 摄)相关的主题文章: