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Suzhou citizens home hidden big tank   fire burned three storey building — Anhui —   channel; with an online news according to Suzhou news network reported, September 28th morning, Suzhou City Fire squadron received the alarm to the Bian River Ji Xiang Village of Laoshan house on fire, the fire scene and has great potential, the sound of the explosion according to the police, said the house has tank, request the fire brigade arrived at the scene and rescue. After the alarm, the area near the River Fire squadron dispatched emergency a tank fire, 7 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the rescue scene. The incident site is located in remote villages and towns, to the scene while the fire officers and soldiers in time through the command desk to contact the local police station scene, command evacuation crowd and take emergency measures. Fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene found that the fire point is located in the dense area of Xie Ji area, fire around all power outages, the villagers and businesses around here are gathered here. Through the observation of the fire, housing a total of three layers, a layer of dressing room, two residential, three layers of foam plate stamped with the insulation layer, billowing from the house from time to time that "crackling" sound, mini fire from the local police station in the non-stop jet, a building facade has been out all the fire. With the rapid expansion of the fire brigade equipment, divided the laying of water into the fire started in the attack, the fire inside the yard, fire officers and soldiers to find a tank, don’t stop on the water cooling, on another way of fire officers and soldiers on the two floor and the third floor of the main start, twenty minutes later, the fire in the fire basic play out. Then, the fire officers and soldiers on the scene once again launched a comprehensive inspection to prevent the resurgence of the fire. "After dinner, do not know what the reason why he was on fire, no more than ten minutes, we thank set police station to dozens of people, we are all in this fight the fire, he put the shop inside the machinery accessories, he was selling the fuel, not to sell now, inside is oil tank foundation boss, burn, let the people of the police station to Xuzhou to go to the hospital". Neighbor Wang said. According to the insider, the fire was mostly caused by the burning of firewood at home by the householder, and the firewood fell off the stove without noticing the fire caused by the surroundings. As for the specific cause of the fire, the relevant departments to further investigate. (commissioning editor Jin Leixin and Zhang Lei) 宿州市民家中暗藏大油罐 大火烧光三层小楼–安徽频道–人民网   配图   中安在线讯据宿州新闻网报道,9月28日上午,宿州市汴河消防中队接到报警称谢集乡老山村有房子失火,现场火势很大,并且有爆炸的声音,据报警人称房子内有油罐,请求消防官兵到场救援。接警后,辖区汴河消防中队紧急出动一辆水罐消防车,7名消防官兵赶赴现场救援。   事发地点位于偏远乡镇,赶赴现场的同时,消防官兵及时通过指挥台联系当地派出所到场指挥疏散人群并采取应急措施。   消防官兵赶到现场后发现,失火点位于谢集乡人员密集地区,失火周边已经全部断电,附近村民及商户全都集聚于此。通过观察,失火住宅共三层,一层门面房,二层住宅,三层泡沫板加盖的保温层,现场浓烟滚滚,房子里不时的传出“噼里啪啦”的声响,当地派出所的微型消防车在不停的射水,一楼门面内明火已经被打灭。 配图   消防官兵迅速展开装备器材,分两路铺设水带进入火场展开内攻,在火场内的院子里,消防官兵寻找到了油罐,对罐体不停的射水降温,另一路官兵对火势比较集中的二楼和三楼展开主攻,二十分钟后,整个火场内的明火基本被打灭。随后,消防官兵对整个火场内再次展开全面检查防止火势复燃。   “吃过饭之后,也不知道什么原因他这起了火,没过十几分钟,我们谢集派出所来了几十个人,我们都在这扑灭这个火,他这个店里边都放的农机配件,他原来卖柴油,现在不卖了,油罐里边就是油底子,老板烧伤了,让派出所的人拉到徐州医院去了”。邻居王先生说。   据知情人了解,此次火灾大致是因为户主在家烧木柴做饭,木柴从炉子上掉下来,没注意到,引燃了周围造成的。至于此次失火成灾的具体原因,待相关部门进一步调查。 (责编:金蕾欣、张磊)相关的主题文章: