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LETV speculation was denied the acquisition of the Amazon China ecological business model outlook remains to be verified hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client speculation "acquisition of the Amazon Chinese" was denied as the ecological business model Li Jing outlook remains to be verified in the first half net profit of only 284 million yuan to buy music as Amazon has denied rumors, because the latter ended but, as business marketing occasion behind, is the industry of the ecological model can continue to torture and onlookers. Backtracking hearsay is not difficult to find, "China LETV acquisition of the Amazon" rumors in September 18th LETV executives at micro-blog in some ready to accept either course description, plus crazy hearsay. The emergence of rumors quickly raised the LETV shares, but also as the music, 9· 19 electricity supplier earned enough attention. Industry experts said that according to estimates of China’s 2015 sales of more than 20 billion yuan in the Amazon, in accordance with the market price ratio of 3 times, if you want to swallow the music as Amazon China, need to spend $40 billion ~600. According to the annual report as the strongest hematopoietic LETV released, LETV net profit of only 284 million yuan, depending on whether the ability to buy Amazon China doubt. The acquired rumors appeared, forcing the Amazon Chinese have denied, but this event has music as "9· 19 electricity supplier into good sales section. In the industry view, although the majority of the concept of music as ecological electricity supplier model logic, but not clear enough, so it is difficult to become the music as Ali, Jingdong after the third largest electricity supplier. Taking advantage of the marketing manipulation in September 18th "obvious traces of music as the acquisition of the Amazon China" rumors were spread rapidly after LETV did not rush to their own experiences, while Amazon Chinese had to come forward to refute rumors. Although the music is not explicitly expressed as the music will be the acquisition of Amazon China, but the emergence of this rumor, fermentation and music as a relationship. On the morning of September 18th, Zhang Zhiwei, President of the music as the ecological O2O sales platform in micro-blog as the music, 9· 19 electricity supplier preheat, and said, there will be a major event, and is a reshuffle of the electricity supplier industry". He said, "9· in the paper; the 19 fans’ ecological carnival night, a China enough to rewrite the electricity supplier industry event will be announced, will really lay China music as mall third business day, the world’s first eco electricity supplier status." After the release of micro-blog, some people from the media quoted the public as close to the music as the source of the news, as the music will be published information may be acquired Amazon china. Immediately after the announcement of the news triggered a wide range of Internet users, investment circles and media circles conjecture. Baidu index shows that in September 18th the same day as music Amazon, the key word suddenly appeared a lot of growth. See the impact of the gradual expansion of the situation, Amazon China issued a document in the afternoon, said the rumors stop wise". The music seems to be willing to see the matter continues to ferment, as of the evening of September 18th did not publish any formal statement on the matter, only on相关的主题文章: