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Zhu Ting was the first team frozen! Watts Keifer bank 3-0 swept the underdog in the Turkey League three wins Zhu Ting (information) Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 6th, the 2016-17 season Turkey women’s Volleyball League to start the third round of the competition. W Keifer bank in women’s volleyball team 3-0 win over lowly Lu niffer, three wins. Three innings score of 25-14, 25-18 and 25-23. Zhu Ting suffered the frozen. This is since Zhu Ting joined tile Keifer bank was first frozen, Serbia as the main two odd font, including Ackerman and other main Naz have not played. Although it is a substitute, but Keifer watts banks still occupy the absolute initiative, the first game in the middle of Hill opened the score, the strong performance of the first game, Keifer watts bank 25-14 win easily. Second, Lu niffer began to fight back, Keifer watt banks still occupy the initiative, leading the way to the end stage of the game to get the game point, well, Sloate Jess successfully fulfilled, by 25-18 wins one game again. Third, when Keifer watts in leading bank 16-9 score, there should not have any errors, tied the score, and ultimately rely on Hill key ball, 25-23 won the three game thriller. Total score 3-0 scored 3 in a row. Hill scored the highest 17 points. The Zhu Ting campaign on the sidelines as his teammates cheer, to join the team since Zhu Ting has been at the end of the world cup 5 matches and scoring were scored. Back to the league, the Turkey League strength due to the gap between the obvious, Zhu Ting got a chance to rest, before she is only two league NiuDao, won 11 points and 7 points respectively. (Ai Ma)相关的主题文章: